Breed snails helix aspersa muller & maxima

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Our snail farm’s assortment includes live garden and grape snails and ready-to-use escargot. Our team of professional chefs creates an escargot according to the traditional and original recipes of world culinary with the use of the most qualified and natural products, spicy and fragrant herbs, emphasizing the taste of astonishing mollusks. All our products and dishes have undergone careful testing and are provided with all the essential quality certificates corresponding to international standards.

Snail farm is a huge snail breeder; so all the contracts are signed beforehand to be able organize well-timed delivery and supply of the vast bulks of snails. «Snails House» follows the principle of individual approach to every client. We prefer conditions of cooperation, in which you feel the most comfortable.

“Snails House” is always ready to meet the needs of its customers, providing them with favorable prices. Buying products, cooked from garden and grape snails from the producer directly, gives you the chance to get highest quality dishes at competitive and reasonable prices.

We will be happy to cooperate with you!

Details of ordering and delivery

1. You leave a request on our website or contact us through social networks.

2. Our manager will contact you, clarify the details of the order (For example: address, order quantity, type of snails).

3. We agree on the scope of delivery. The minimum order from 500 kg.

4. Find out about the documents for import to your country or region.

5. We upload the order for shipment and form a truck for departure.

6. Formed order we sent to you in a special refrigerator truck.

To make an order fill out an application on the website, provide the most complete information to the manager.

After completing the application clarify your address so our logisticians will be able to make a miscalculation, as well as inform about the possibility of delivery of goods.

The shipment of the goods only after 100% prepayment for the order.

The minimum order is 500 kg.

The actual price list for services and goods can be found from our manager.



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«Snails House» – is a Ukrainian company that has polish origin. We are engaged in cultivation and breeding of all sorts of snails and products from them. We are one of the largest suppliers of escargot, who deliver the wholesale bulks of products from snails to all countries of the world. We show the best qualitative and quantitative scores and results in this industry. Big restaurants and companies choose our products, because our snails are ecologically clean and always fresh.

The head office of our company is located in Warszawa, while the snail farm is located in Ukraine and takes approximately 600000 m² in the ecologically clean area, surrounded by clean forests, providing snails with the chance to live in natural habitat.  These conditions have positive impact on the quality of meat and crops. The latest Italian and German equipment in the hands of team of professional employees helps collect huge crops of shellfish and prepare delicious products from them.

Snail farm «Snails House» works with Helix Aspersa Maxima, Helix Aspersa Muller and Helix Pomatia types of snails. The crop, after it has reached the required size, corresponding to the standards, is collected manually and each mollusk undergoes the processing and cleaning prior to being used for preparation of dishes. Employees work hard by cautiously sorting and examining every snail. Modern equipment helps preserve caviar, fillet and marinated snails and their tender texture and flavor. Each stage of production is under strict control on how well quality and sanitary standards are observed.

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