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The snails remain active from spring until the first cold days. In this period they crawl on the surface of the ground, trees, eat and multiply. However, when the temperature falls to 8-10 degrees Celsius, the snails start preparing for wintering. Snails have all the necessary conditions for wintering, due to the shell and ability to dig into the ground.

Snails may spend winters under the fallen leaves, digging under them for 10-30 cm in depth. The depth of digging depends on the severity of winter.WINTER LIFE OF SNAILS?

As soon as the suitable place for wintering has been found, snails start seizing the head out of the ground with the wave-like movements and hide in their shells trying to escape frosts and low temperatures.

Soil is solid, and makes it hard to dig a hole. In this case, the snails spend winter under fallen leaves. Extra protection is the epiphragm or calcareous plug, created with the help of the frozen mucus. The snail leaves a hole for air in the cap.

Snails sleep in the upstream position. It helps the air to penetrate within the shell. Moreover, the insects and bacteria cannot penetrate inside easily.WINTER LIFE OF SNAILS?

in wintering, the mollusk loses 10% of its weight, but it gains weight in 4-6 weeks after waking up. The wakening is a fast process, during which the snail feels the first increase of temperature and scrawls from the shell.

In the process of anabiosis, the body of the snail changes: the metabolism considerably decreases, and the chemical composition of the hemolymph changes. It protects snails from the frost.

Grape snails are very interesting to watch, so one has to follow their life carefully to know all the unknown facts about them.

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