Cosmetology and pharmaceutical companies have started buying snails to use them in crèmes and ointments’ production.

Hippocrates was aware of their useful properties. He produces burn ointments based on mucin and used snails to treat tuberculosis and anemia.

Grape snails are more suitable for food, while giant akhatinas are the most preferable for treatment. They reach 20-25 cm in nature, while their length is 10-15 cm in the artificial conditions.

Mollusks found in natural conditions, cannot be used. They can be carriers of bacteria. Therefore, only farm-grown Achatinas are used.


In the XX century, after the Second World War, the Japanese soldiers brought these large gastropods to their homeland. Even during the war, they found that it is a good source of protein. In Asia, a real snail boom began. They were cooking different dishes from them, and then remembered the remarkable properties of snail mucus. Therefore, they started using them for rejuvenation and healing of the skin.

The biggest part of Japanese and Korean cosmetics contains mucin as a major ingredient. Its principle advantages:

  • it is hypoallergenic;
  • it contains collagen, allantoin, vitamins A, B, C, E, glycolic acid and other useful substances;
  • it has no contraindications to use;
  • it has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • it contains a natural solar filter;
  • it nourishes, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.

In Japan, the procedure of snail massage is very popular. Considering all the useful properties, the effect is visible after several sessions. In addition, it is also very nice. Receptors on the face are sensitive. The wavelike movements of the mollusk gently massage the skin, imbuing it with organic substances.

Usually the process looks as following: the face is thoroughly cleaned, and then one snail in put on the forehead, and two are placed on the cheekbones. First, they need some time to adapt and get to know you. Then they begin to crawl. The specialist directs the mollusks, as they always want to get closer to the mouth of the client. There is the wettest environment there.


The room temperature should be comfortable for the snails to move, but not fall asleep. If it happens, the beautician wets them with water to wake them up again.

The session lasts 30 minutes. After that, a neutral cream is applied, the purpose of which is to hold the nutrients on the skin and allow them to penetrate. 5-10 procedures are enough to feel the hydration and purity of your skin. The face will literally shine!

Modern pharmaceutical industry is actively using snails. There are farms that grow Achatina for burn centers. In the event of a burn, mucin removes swelling, reduces pain and heals the damaged tissue. Slime is used as an ingredient in ointments and creams for scars, stretch marks. It also treats psoriasis. People suffering from this disease feel improvement of the skin, as it becomes less dry and peels less.

Mucin of Achatin is a panacea for the salvation and healing of the skin. The main advantage is that it contains natural nutrients. Many people have already experienced the visible effect from the use of creams, serums and masks based on it.

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