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The use of snails

Snails meat contain Benefits nutrients that the human body cannot create independently, and has to get from food. All biological elements that are extremely important for humans, are divided into macro- and microelements.

The use of snailsThe body of all living beings contains a chemicals required for living. Maintaining the amount of these elements at the proper level depends on the products used for food.

For instance, human body is unable to synthesize Choline (B4), although it is of particular importance for people. It is able to regulate the level of insulin in the blood, and comprises a part of liver phospholipids, assisting in fats’ transporting and breaking down.


Unique qualities of snails

This product used to be unknown and it was hard to imagine it can be in our menu. There are many useful substances and nutritional components in its content.

This product is of low calorie content, namely 90 kcal, which makes it a dietary product. Due to a huge amount of protein, the daily portion comprises 21.2% of the necessary requirement. This product is very popular due to the absence of cholesterol. Escargot has numerous useful chemical characteristics, assisting in treatment of many diseases, so doctors prescribe it as a prophylactic agent.

Snail mucus is popular in cosmetology. It has t eh following content:

  • Mucin that helps in skin regeneration, healing wounds and stimulation of collagen production;
  • Allantoin is used to regenerate skin cells;
  • Collagen makes the skin elastic;
  • elastin is a component of wound healing, providing elasticity, containing non-polar acids, helpong in fat cells regulation;
  • Glycolic acid soaks with moisture, vitamins, nourishes;
  • Antibiotics are used to protect against pathogenic effects;
  • Vitamins A, C, E nourish, moisturize, and floods the skin with nutrients.


Snails are also famous for absence of harm to human organism. The only problem, of which it is necessary to be aware, is an individual sensitivity to the components.

Nutritionists recommend including snails meat in the daily diet for people with diabetes, pregnant women, and adolescents with a lack of calcium and people, suffering from kidneys and liver problems.


Facts from the past

The use of snailsAncient Greeks have been the first to inform about the useful properties of snails. Pliny the Elder, a Greek activist and encyclopaedist recommended using snails to address the problems with stomach, lungs, liver, decoctions, and infusions. Later, snails have become popular as gastronomic treatment.


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