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The most acceptable dishes from snails

Although snails are still considered a delicacy in Ukraine, they have become a traditional food in many European restaurants. Ukrainians can find frozen semi-products from escargot in Ukrainian supermarkets. The process of preparation is easy: heat the product in the oven for 15-20 minutes

Even though snails have become available to Ukrainians, the process for escargot are still high because of the additional ingredients of the dishes. They are always combined with wines, cheese and other seafood. There is a variety of dishes.The most acceptable dishes from snails

Snails with garlic and cream sauce

Baked grape snails is a traditional receipt.

  1. Cover fillet with flour and herbs, then boil.
  2. Clean the shell.
  3. Prepare the sauce via mixing butter with herbs and garlic.
  4. Stuff the shell with the fillet. Then add sauce

If you want to modify the receipt:

add some cheese, chopped walnuts for the preparation of limousine snails; add Dijon mustard sauce; add the mixture from oil with saffron, pepper and ginger

the dish can be served as a main course. You can try it with baguette, potatoes or sweet potato.

Escargot with citrus

Since snail fillet has a faint taste, it is often combined with other products to enrich the taste. One of the examples is an addition of seafood. Unfortunately, seafood is quite expensive in Ukraine so that they can be substituted with citrus.

  • Add lemon to get a more restrained dish.
  • add orange or mandarin for sweetness.
  • add grapefruit for bitterness.

Citrus fruit sauce can be used with or without zest and gelatin or cream can be added to make it thicker.

In case you use the receipt of escargot, but add citrus to it, stuff the shell with fillet and citrus. It is also possible to mix meat with the sauce and serve it in a bowl.

Escargot with mushrooms

Since mushrooms are inexpensive and tasty, they can be used as a beautiful addition to escargot. This mixture will please those who prefer delicate combinations of products. However, wild mushrooms are preferable.The most acceptable dishes from snails

The dish is prepared from mushrooms and fillet, poured with a sauce of cream, butter or sour cream. Stew all the ingredients in a deep cauldron. Due to this technology, the products exchange their flavours. Add herbs and cheese at the end.

The dish is delicious and is highly recommended to serve with a side dish, potato or sweet potato. In addition, snail and mushroom can be added with pasta. This dish is relatively inexpensive.

Although, there is a variety of receipts, where snails can be combined with many products, try the Bourgogne escargot.

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