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Strengths of snails cultivation

Strengths of snails cultivation Dishes, prepared from snails are getting extreme popularity in Ukraine; however, they have become extremely popular in Europe. the demand for them in Europe and Asia is increasing, but the leaders in snails’ consumption are France and Italy.

Experts report that the demand for mollusks is not going to be met during 10 years. It is a high time to start a snail business. Although, Ukrainian market does not have many competitors (5 producers have the right to export the product to Europe and Asia at the moment), many of them offer live mollusks only.


Advantages of snails cultivation compared to breeding of other animals

In comparison with cultivation of other animals, snail business is easier, since snails are easier to deal with and are less demanding:

  1. They are modest in food consumption (eat fruits and vegetables).
  2. Fall ill rarely.
  3. Do not gain weight

Escargot is ecologically clean and rich in proteins, calcium and potassium, so it is considered a dietary product. Doctors recommend it to be consumed in case of diseases of the digestive and musculoskeletal systems.


Types of snails to be cultivated in farms?

There are two types of snails that can be grown in farms:  Helix aspersa muller and Helix aspersa maxima. Other types are gray small and gray big snails. Meat of both types is frequently consumed in different European countries, especially in France. Burgundy snails are particularly valued in France, since they are less common and are not cultivated in conditions of the farm.

There is some useful information about certain types of snails:

  1. Small gray snail. Helix aspersa muller is the most appreciated in the market. This snail is grown in the conditions of open parks. When you choose closed conditions for farming, it is strongly recommended to maintain appropriate hygiene. In case of open conditions, maintenance of proper climate is of crucial importance. In both cases, it is also essential to properly create a diet in order to provide mollusks with the required vitamins, nutrients to grow the desired size.
  2. Big gray snail. Helix aspersa muller is less popular compared with smaller species. It has larger size but the procedure of growing is the same as of bigger species.


How to set up snail business?

Strengths of snails cultivation There is not much investments to establish own business. Having breedstock of snails is the most important.

Breedstock are snail-producers that has to contain at least 500 pieces (about 8 kg and more) to ensure future increase. It is also necessary to keep the snails on a diet, and they shold be kept together in order to ensure mating.

Baby snails is an alternative of the breedstock, however, it needs special care.

Purchasing land, breedstock and construction of the farm are the required investments.

Other significant points in snail breeding business include:

  1. Register of the documents is the first requirement
  2. It is essential to arrange favorable conditions on the farm for cultivation of snails
  3. Possibility to sell live and ready to use products.

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