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Shellfish has become a traditional food in many European countries. It is offered on menu of European restaurants. The diversity of recipes, sauces and marinades is amazing.  You can meet snails in creamy, pesto sauce, escargot with tomato sauce and escargot in garlic “In Burgundy” and a lot of other recipes. Some French provinces practice conservation of snails in order to have the opportunity to taste this unique dish all year round.

Helix Pomatia in sauce

Helix Pomatia in sauce

5 kg-unlimited

Packing: glass, metal, cardboard box.

Snail fillets Helix Pomatia, water,salt, pepper, laurel, oil, sauce.

«Snails House» prepares dishes from Helix Pomatia, Helix Aspersa Maxima and Helix Aspersa Muller types, conserved in exceptional sauces. You have a great opportunity to purchase high quality and tremendously appetizing   snails in different sauces wholesale.

Usual recipe of canned snails in wine sauce

The question “how to cook snails in sauce with parmesan?» is no longer actual if there is prepared shellfish in jars. Cooking sauce is all you need Snails are usually conserved in oil or wine sauces. The traditional recipe will need these ingredients:
  • snails – 50 pieces.,
  • carrots – 2 pieces.,
  • onion – 2 pieces.,
  • thyme – 1 bunch,
  • parsley – 1 bunch
  • water – 500 ml,
  • white dry wine – 500 ml.
Prior to cooking, it is necessary to keep shellfish on a strict diet. Then rinse them carefully several times to get rid of mucus and remove them from shell. For this process, boil them in salted water for 30 minutes. Rinse until the water is not sticky. The body of the snail can be removed with the help of toothpicks or special forks. Add some water to fillet, adjoin thinly chopped carrots, onion and greens, boil for 30 minutes, and then add wine. Then cook everything for another 30 minutes. Drain the broth in other saucepan, and fill the jars with mollusks. Then add broth to the jars with mollusks and cover them with the lids. Boil the remaining shells in salted water, then dries and calcinate them in an oven at a temperature of 200 degrees. They can be used to serve dishes. European cuisine is ready to provide you with a great number of recipes of snails with diverse sauces.

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