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Snails find their place in cattle breeding

Snails can be found in Ukraine, however, they have penetrated into cuisines of many countries.

The demand for snails is higher than supply, however, there are not many companies in the Ukrainian market. Therefore, the competition is not very high.

Snails demand

Snails find their place in cattle breedingSnails are edible protein, rich in vitamins. Moreover, their taste is soft, so it makes them extremely popular among gourmets, therefore, the dishes from snails can be found in the menus of many restaurants.

Escargot is accepted in France and Italy, but the use of the product by Ukrainians is high. Snails are brought in domestic and foreign markets.

Moreover, the snails are popular in cooking, cosmetology and medicine. Their popularity is explained by the content of snails’ meat, properties of mucin able to have positive outcomes for regeneration of skin and tissues.

Countries, which use snails for the production of cosmetic products, are ready to buy snails at high prices. Ukrainian distributors export snails and their products to Lithuania, Romania and Poland.

Advantages of Snails breeding in Ukraine

Snails cultivation in Ukraine is advantageous. Ukrainian climate is favorable for breeding of snails, therefore, it is very popular in our country. Moreover, Ukrainian snail breeders invite foreign companions and offer the best conditions.

Advantages of snails breeding in comparison with other cattle breeding

Snails find their place in cattle breedingBreeding of snails does not require huge financial investments unlike other type of cattle breeding. One can start with a small farm. The organization of snail farming require the following:

  • breeding stock (300-400 snails ready for breeding);
  • platform and boxes for their placement;
  • feed and plants.

The major financial investments are associated with the breeding stock.

Which are the snails for cultivation?

Ukrainians grow small and big grey snails. These species are characterized with an excellent taste. Moreover, they grow for 6 months.

The price for snails export is 1-1,2 US dollars for 1 kilo. In 2018, the highest export was recorded.

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