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Snails farming in natural habitats

Growing of snails is associated with a range of advantages. Lack of competition and nit considerable investments are the first ones.

Taking proper care of snails is one of the peculiarities of this business. Even though they are not very picky, they require proper care. It is possible to cultivate snails in farms and in natural conditions, however, these processes are associated with different actions.


The most appropriate snails for cultivation?

Grape snails are typically cultivated in natural conditions. They feel comfortable in the cold climate of Ukraine. In cold seasons, they dig 20 cm into the ground and fall into anabiosis. Akhatins cannot be cultivated here, because they prefer living in a warm climate.


Farm equipment

Snails farming in natural habitats The natural environment presupposes creation of farm. It can become a garden of 50 sq.m. It must be enclosed and protected with a canopy to avoid contact of snails with predators. In addition, insect repellent can be used to protect snails from insects.

Mole is another enemy for mollusks. Snails use soil and substances, contained in it to enrich their shell and meat with minerals.

Fences should be round, because snails may crawl at 90-degree angle. Additional protective means may include installation of wiring with a small electric charge (4-12 volts).

The farm should have conditions for comfortable living of snails:

  • fertilized and calcified soil;
  • plenty of plants in the garden.

Care for snails

Grape snails prefer living in dark and wet places. Therefore, humidity should be always maintained as well as protection from direct sunlight.

Although, snails’ food is primarily vegetables and leaves, it is necessary to make sure snails are fed with other food, including eggs, cottage cheese or bread.

What to do next?

Snails farming in natural habitats As soon as the snails grow up, it is high time to sell them. There are many places, where one can sell snails. The companies that buy snails offer good conditions. They are ready to accept:

  • Live, healthy grape snails with the shell in good condition;
  • Snails with the shell diameter of 3 cm;
  • Awaken snails or those in anabiosis.

You are free to know the conditions and terms in the Internet. Ravlykomania presents links and contacts below.

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