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Snails farm- is a new form of profit earning in 2020

The year of 2020 became agrarian. Most entrepreneurs began to develop this area, investing in the development of agriculture. Non-standard directions for our region have become popular. Snail business is one of them.Snails farm- is a new form of profit earning in 2020

In Europe, this type of business is developing quite rapidly, however, it gained the popularity in Ukraine a few years ago. But, even for such a short period, farmers managed to occupy their niche and gain a foothold in this market. Small farms and large enterprises are widespread. This allowed exceeding the import of snail product, compared with meat. But demand still exceeds the supply. The culture of consumption of this delicious product is more developed in Europe, but local farmers do not have time to meet the existing demand.

Ukrainian manufacturers refer the Europeans for help. The snails grown on farms and those harvested in nature are sent for import. This type of business, for most farmers, is seasonal, because the snail has its own life cycle. It lasts from early spring to late autumn, increasing the size of the population in several times


Organization of snails farm.

The organization of the farm does not require specific knowledge. It is enough to study the specifics of the business. The organization of startup will require:

  • Pitch of land.

It can be small. A suitable option is a garden, a front garden or a house area with trees. Snails are a cold-blooded, so the moisture and protection from direct sunlight is important.

Due to the lack of trees, it is necessary to build an open shed or greenhouse to avoid a greenhouse effect. Such a strategy is suitable for a street or open type of farm.

To create a year-round farm, you will have to organize a room with a ventilation system, temperature control, an incubator for young animals, a utility room for storage and development of mollusks, as well as a refrigerator for storing products

  • Humidity.

The snails like water, so they need regular watering or a drip irrigation system. In small areas, regular irrigation with running water is sufficient, while larger areas require an irrigation system.

On closed farms, humidity and temperature control systems are installed. It allows breeding all year round.

  • Food.

Open areas or enclosures, “pastures”, with natural or grown vegetation, is the fodder for snails. It includes nettle, burdock, dandelion and much more.Snails farm- is a new form of profit earning in 2020

As an additional feeding, farmers use special compound feed. It is balanced and contains the necessary amount of calcium, which is vital for the formation of the shell.

In open enclosures, farmers organize special shelters where a mollusk is buried in the ground, climbs on the surface, and lays eggs. This function is performed with the help of pallets installed at an angle of 45 degrees. Such organization facilitates the collection of snails for breeding.

As you can see, there is no need for special skills, but the profitability of such business reaches its maximum in a year. Due to the resistance of the mollusk to climate change, a large percentage of fertility and early readiness for reproduction are ensured. With the correct organization of the farm and competent marketing, the entrepreneur will pay for the starting investment portfolio in one season. That is why the snail farm is a new line of business that is gaining popularity.

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