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Snails cooking

Interest to cuisine and cooking has been developing from the beginning of the world, when people had to consume everything they have found. With the flow of time, cooking has become a traditions and art that was enriched by a number of receipts of delicious and unusual dishes.

When the Neanderthals received fire, the process of coking has changed. The products were undergone treatment and variety of dishes has dramatically increased.

Since people become more prosper, they demand for food has increased. They started choosing the receipts that could be tasty, but useful as well.  Modern chefs created «high cuisine», which makes the cooks to create new and unusual receipts. Modern dishes have become real masterpieces.

In the attempts to be original, chefs of modern restaurants use the most prodigal components and numerous techniques to impress the gourmets. They can offer platinum club sandwich von Essen, Fugu fish, white truffles, gold leaf and snail caviar. Caviar has penetrated into the menu of many restaurants of European cuisine, where people value not only its taste, but the taste of other products, prepared from snails.


There are several technologies for cooking snails’ delicacies:

  • escargot,
  • marinating,
  • stewing,
  • browning.

There are a lot of dishes from snails in the menu of different restaurants; however, all dishes have different ingredients.  The most popular technique is escargot, which can be prepared from different products and served with various wines, herbs. The most common technique for preparation is French, cooked with butter and combination of herbs, which give the dish an exquisite taste.

Preparation of this delicate food may seem too boring, but contemporary producers have made the process faster and simpler, by preparing semi-ready ingredients.

If you decided to prepare snails yourself, please, remember the following:

  • snails can be found in nature, particularly after rain;
  • keep them in a diet prior to coking. i.e. feed them with flour
  • Keep them in a salted water to get rid of mucus;

Snails is a simple delicacy, which can be cooked on grill. This receipt is the most ordinary and popular. However, if you want to create something unusual and particularly tasty, more time is needed. Any sauce preparation of which is not very time-consuming can fit.

In case snails’ meat is stewed with herbs and wine, this sauce can be used for preparation. If snails are boiled t with aromatic vegetables, and then twisted through a grinder with a crumb of white loaf, stewed mushrooms and nutmeg, great snack is guaranteed. If boiled snails are marinated in red cayenne pepper with an addition of olives and white wine, grilled vegetables, great summer dish with spicy notes is received. Risotto, polenta, salads, pasta and cheeses in combination with snails, can embellish any table. Mollusks are dietary and rich in vitamins, so their consumption is not only tasty, but useful.

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