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Snails are useful for the environment

It is a well-known fact that each creature may be both, beneficial and harmful for the environment. So the snails do. They are serious pests for agricultural land. They demolish sprouts, leaves and fruits, but may be useful as well.

Amazing mucin

Snails are useful for the environment The popularity of snail slime is increasing in cosmetology. It is used in creams, cosmetic procedures and all type of masks. In addition, mucin contributes to the soil mineralization.

For example, freshwater snails are water savers. When they eat algae and organic garbage, their secrete nutrients mucus and excrement into the soil. As a result, it is used as a fertilizer, providing other soil inhabitants with food.

Moreover, mollusks control the quantity of algae, which results in natural purification of water and normalization of the substrate. When snails eat algae from the coastal zone, they save it from silting. They clean the bottom and saturate it with nutrients for other inhabitants.

 Detection of pollution

Snails are useful for the environment The gastropods are characterized by the ability to accumulate metals in bodies. With the help of this ability, scientists identify biologically contaminated areas. It is possible to judge the state of the environment by some signs and reaction of snails. It can be judged by shell size, offspring and reproduction. However, it is possible to conduct more complex tests to identify the problematic issues in soil. Thus, tests of the snails’ digestive system can identify the amount of heavy metals and substances in soil. Therefore, data analysis can provide with a complete picture of the environment.

Biologically active use

Terrestrial mollusks build an ecosystem, modulate the convenience of the ecosystem to other species. With the help of studying of the snail’s behavior, scientists can conclude the about state of the environment.

Gastropod mollusks fix calcium with the help of the extracellular biomineralization system. With the help of this process, calcium in the upper layers of the soil retains. It has favorable effect on the composition.

Natural fertilizer

The snails are able to speed up the decomposition of fallen leaves. It helps facilitate the colonization of microbes in soil through the emission of faeces, rich in nutrients. As a result, soil habitats are provide with microbes, useful for life.

Significant part of food chain

The food chain helps conserve the species and populations of different living organisms. Snails are food for many species, such as ducks, fish, crayfish and turtles, birds, rodents and predators.

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