Snail pate

Traditional delicacy from Europe: Snail pate

The farm «Snails House» is always ready to offer you its wide assortment of cooked, live, frozen and ready-to-use products from the snails, which are cultivated at our own farms in the most ecologically clean region. In addition to our assortment, please, feel free to try our snail pate. This dish has gained popularity among the gourmets of the world. Our pate is prepared from the ecologically clean products from the snails, grown at the farms and collected manually and carefully.

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French is a country that has become popular as the land of the most interesting and delicious receipts. Its cuisine has millions of fans worldwide, who were conquered by the French receipts. One of the most significant places in French cuisine is taken by pate. This is not a dish, but a smooth consistency with a homogenous texture. The French make pate from different products, such as meat, fish and snails.
“Snails House” cooks pate from grape and garden snails, grown and collected in the fields, belonging to the company.  The dish becomes of exclusive taste due to addition of natural butter, cream, fresh vegetables and spices. Thanks to the packaging to specialized boxes, it can be transported to long distances and delivered to the most remote places of the world.  We offer you ready-to-use pate in order to taste the most gentle and delicious dish from the world cuisine.

Favorite pate receipt

In order to prepare pate, it is necessary to take frozen snails fillet, because preparation of live snails is more time-consuming. The following ingredients will be required:
  • Snail fillet – 300-350gr.,
  • Wheat baton – 2-3 pieces,
  • mustard – 1 teaspoon.,
  • garlic -2-3 cloves,
  • bulb onion -1 piece.,
  • mayonnaise – 4-5 table-spoons.,
  • pickled cucumber – 1piece,
  • salt, pepper, twist of lemon peel, nutmeg to taste.
The first stage includes unfreezing of fillet. Then, it is necessary to twist it in a meat grinder together with add and garlic until the mixture become homogenous and smooth. Then add salt, pepper, finely chopped cucumber and the rest of spices into the mixture and mix until it gets its homogeneous texture again. Then add mayonnaise and mix again. The pate is served with a small slice of bread or on crackers. French receipts of snails have always been attracting gourmets with their taste and exclusive quality.”Snails House” is happy to offer you high-quality, ready-to-use dishes, which are cooked in accordance with the most delicious and popular receipts of French and world cuisine. Our pate will impress you with its unforgettable taste and delicate texture, so buying products from our company you will get high quality dishes at reasonable and competitive prices.

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