Snail liver

Snail liver is a magnificent delicacy

«Snails House» is ready to offer tasty delicacies in bulks. When you purchase at our company, be ready to receive high quality products, since the snails are all cultivated at «Snails House». Our fields are in ecologically perfect areas far from large cities and roads. Apart from fillet, slime and shells we offer an exceptional delicacy, snail liver, which is famous for having the same taste qualities woth Foie gras. We transport products all around the world!

Purchase valuable snail liver wholesale

“Snails House” is rightfully regarded one of the biggest farms in Europe. It cultivates and breeds numerous species of snails. Due to huge territory, we have an outstanding chance to gather huge quantity of shellfish and create a wide assortment of different delicacies. “Snails House” offers buying snail liver wholesale. We gather them at most suitable time, when the liver of mollusks becomes expanded. This period is at the end of summer, when they snail eats enough green leaves and fruits. Processed dish is packed on jars and specific containers, which make transportation process more suitable and does not influence the quality.

Helpful qualities of the snail delicacy

Up to 1995, the information about liver of mollusks was unknown, especially the fact that it can be used for food. The Czech farmer, engaged in snails breeding on his small farm, proposed trying this astonishing delicacy during the exhibition in Dijon. At first, the visitors accused him of fraud. Professionals of this industry stated that snails are liverless. After the farmer had demonstrated the liver to the wide audience, he was awarded a diploma. Gourmets who have consumed this appetizing dish, declare that its taste is similar to the liver of other animals, however, it is more gentle and softer. The liver of mollusks does not contain fats, and the functional substances in its composition, contribute to the deduction of cholesterol from human organism. Exclusivity and inimitability of delicacy lies in the fact that it is necessary to extract liver in a precise manner and upon the condition of huge crop of snails.

The use of product in medicine

People have been consuming the raw meat of shellfish for food since ancient times in order to treat stomach ulcers. There are many vitamins and trace elements in the liver of terrestrial snails. They help the organism to recover and treat certain diseases. Due to the sole composition, the liver together with other products from snails are actively used in medicine and cosmetology. The snail is a remarkable mollusk with outstanding taste and healing properties.

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