Snail “in Limousin”

You are welcome to buy snails in bulks at the company «Snails House». We offer you the ready-to-use snails, cooked according to the most delicious receipt «snails in limousin». At “Snails house” you can purchase ready-to-use snails, economizing on cooks, equipment, cooking, processing and transportation. We are ready to deliver our frozen products to any country, so that you can enjoy the ready-to-use delicacies right after heating.

Buy snails, cultivated at «Snails House» in bulk

The snails, cultivated at «Snails House» farms live in ecologically clean areas. When the snails grow up to the required size, they are sent for refinery and processing. All the products that we offer are cooked with the use of the fresh and high quality ingredients. It is necessary to remember that snails’ meat contains large amount of vitamin B, PP and E complexes and is rich in mineral elements, making it delicious and dietary.

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