Gentle snail fillet

Gentle snail fillet

“Snails House” is one of the largest companies in Europe, which deals with growing, collection and breeding of snails and preparation of dished from them. The variety of products that we offer includes live and frozen snails, and the most tasty and surprisingly gentle fillets. When you purchase a snail fillet at the farm, you get excellent products, which have been prepared in advance.  Frozen and packaged fillets can be transported for long distances. Taking into account that the territory of our farm is huge, we can provide you with wholesale bulks of products from snails.

Buy frozen snail fillet wholesale

The farm “Snails House” is situated in the pretty and ecologically pristine territory, away from cities and dirty roads. Our highly qualified employees gather crop manually, clean and chop the shellfish, get rid of the intestines and removes the shell. As soon as the intestines are disposed, the shells are sent for extra processing. They are used for serving dishes. The fillet, after it has been cleansed of mucus and mud, is forwarded for preparation. It is boiled at a temperature of 100 degrees for thirty minutes and gets the stage of half readiness before consumption. The cooks from best restaurants work with them to crate the best dishes. When it is prepared for transportation, fillet is cooled, packaged in special boxes and, get frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees. As a result, we get the form of briquette. At the farm “Snails House”, you are free to buy high quality fillets wholesale.

The use of snails fillet in cuisine

Different types of edible snails, including grape ones, are used in the world cuisine. Their meat is appreciated for valuable properties and high amount of protein as well as gentle and unique taste. Shellfish are used to prepare different delicacies:
  • «Bourgogne snails «snails in limousine» and other sauces,
  • Liver in oil,
  • Caviar in tasty sauce,
  • Several kinds of soups,
  • pates.
Marinated snails are used for the preparation of escargot Bourgogne or escargot in limousine. Purchase of snail meat is troublesome, as elite restaurants buy it wholesale. European markets, however, can offer live snails, the preparation of which is time and labor-consuming.

Escargots de Bourgogne recipe

The recipe is rather simple in case you have prepared fillets, together with washed and calcinated shells. The major idea of the recipe is to stuff the shells using snail meat and butter sauce. Different ingredients can be used, from butter to spices and herbs for the sauce preparation. The French are particularly keen on experimenting with different ingredients. Consequently, recipe “de Bourgogne” may include oil, greens and garlic, together with nutmeg or smoked ham. Such experiments provided the world cuisnine with a large number of new recipes.

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