Snail caviar

Unique snail caviar

Delicacies of the world are abundant, but «Snails House» is always ready to offer you its unique snail caviar.  «Snails House» collects snail eggs from the snails, which grow and breed at their own farms, located in the ecologically clean fields. Be sure to get caviar from eggs that are collected manually and marinated according to a unique and delicious receipt.

Escargot caviar’s biological value  

Consumption of escargots is getting its popularity in many countries, so as their caviar. It has unique and very useful composition, consisting of vitamin-mineral complex that is more useful than other types of caviar.  It contains vitamins А, С, Е, D and potassium, magnesium, zinc, ferrum, natrin and cuprum which make the caviar especially valuable for improvement of the work of heart-vascular system, thyroid gland, and the whole body.

Purchase snail caviar wholesale at «Snails House»

«Snails House» offers you snail eggs from such types as Helix Aspersa Maxima and Helix Aspersa Muller. These mollusks undergo reproduction in spring and considering that snails are hermaphrodites. They are able to lay eggs. In general,  one Helix Aspersa Maxima snail can lay 120 -180 eggs in one egg mass. Helix Aspersa Muller, in its turn, is able to lay only 120 eggs. In order to get 1 kilo of caviar, 300 mollusks can be used and 30000 grains. Eggs from snails are white, smooth and fragile, therefore it is very difficult to collect them. Moreover, their collection is manual, because mollusks lay eggs in the ground. They are collected wand then sorted with the help of a magnifying glass. If you want to get fresh and high quality product, address «Snails House» to buy snail caviar wholesale.

Marinade of snail eggs ?

When eggs are gathered, it is necessary to wash them. The conservation is of two types. Pasteurization, which gives a chance to preserve canned snail eggs up to 6 months from the date of collection.  Salt and water are used in this receipt. It is necessary to pour the prepared eggs p with brine, and lay them out in jars.  This method was first used in the 80s. The only disadvantage of this method is the loss of properties of the shell, which become elastic and stop bursting in the mouth, making consumption unpleasant. The second recipe lies in storage. It was invented by Dominique Pierre in 2004. This receipt helps preserve qualities of the shell and preserve its hard texture so that it burst in the mouth after the slightest touch with the soft palate. No pasteurization is used in this receipt. You will need the following ingredients:
  • Sea salt;
  • Rosemary extraction;
  • farina;
  • lemon acid.
With the help of these ingredients, eggs become softer, but their texture and taste are not changed. This product can be stored in the fridge up to three months. These ingredients make the eggs softer without altering their taste and texture. Pearls of escargot are not available for sale, so they are delivered to the restaurants from specialized farms. When the caviar is processed, it becomes white; therefore it is often called “Pearl of Aphrodite”, for the external similarity and strong aphrodisiac properties.

Why to freeze snail caviar?

The reason is that eggs of mollusks cannot be preserved quickly, because of fast spoiling. The only way out to avoid fast fading is salting, but once you have frozen it, follow the conditions of storage at a temperature of -10 degrees. If you want to unfreeze eggs, do it gradually, increasing the temperature while after while until it reaches +10 degrees for five days. In case the eggs turn purple, it means they have been spoiled. The cooks from many expensive restaurants value this type of delicacy for taste and prefer serving it in the form of snacks on tartlets or toasts. It can be used to decorate exquisite dishes and be served with the creamy sauce. When trying this delicacy, people admit its unusual taste with the notes of fresh forest, so it is highly appreciated by the gourmets all over the world.

Use of snail eggs in cosmetology

Eggs of snails are famous for elastin in their composition. It is related with bug amount of water,  enzymatic substances and vitamins. With the help of elastic proteins and unique substances of the mollusks, snail eggs are helpful for the regeneration of face skin and are considered a unique product, used in cosmetology.  The ingredients of snail eggs are used in creation of day and night creams for face and round eyes area. Its application considerably reduces facial wrinkles, restores natural, healthy appearance of the skin and reduces scars and scarring. At the farm «Snails House», you are offered to buy snail eggs, which have undergone all the stages of processing, refinery and conservation, which did not let the product to lose its properties even when it is transported for long distances.

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