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High quality snails products from «Snails House»

 «Snails House» collects, grows and sells wholesale bulks of snails and all sorts of products from them. Because of the newest Italian and German equipment and ecologically clean and natural conditions of mollusks, we create products of high quality. We offer you live and frozen snails but wholesale bulks of different and unique products. “Snails House” supplies its goods in bulks all over the world.

Buy best edible snails wholesale

«Snails House» – is engaged in collection and breeding of Helix Aspersa Maxima, Helix Aspersa Muller and Helix Pomatia types. We create from them:

  • Frozen fillet,
  • canned snails
  • snail slime
  • snails for escargot
  • shells for serving of delicacies,
  • patet,
  • snail caviar in gentle marinade

You will not need to ask “where to buy edible snails?” Snail farm «Snails House» offers you to buy large bulks of different products and live snails of several types. Due to a large territory of farm, we have an opportunity to gather crop of snails of high quality to supply huge wholesale bulks.

Breeding and preparation of helix Pomatia

 Delicacies from edible snails have gained fame all over the world due to the refined escargot Bourgogne. Elite European and world restaurants offer this delicious delicacy in their menu. Europeans love and appreciate Helix Pomatia, because of the complexity in their cultivation and maintenance, while other species have also found application. So Helix Aspersa Maxima, Helix Aspersa Muller surpassed them by some parameters. These species are more resistant to weather conditions and better adapt to climatic and territorial changes. They are grown for sale on specialized farms, like “Snails House”. Here you can buy snail meat, as well as a variety of products.

 “Snails House” organizes all stages of processing and refinery. Professional workers carefully collect the crop and carefully inspect each mollusk before sending it for further preparation. After cleaning and processing, the snails are almost ready. You just need to add the sauce, bake, serve them and enjoy the exquisite delicacy dish.

 Yu can skip all the tedious stages of cleaning and preparation by buying our cooked escargot. We use only natural, high quality products for cooking our unique dishes. The best cooks work to create masterpieces according to the traditional and original recipes of world culinary. Ready-to-use escargots from “Snails House” can save time, without losing quality.
Our snail pate is incredible. A gentle texture with light forest notes in combination with a cracker or a slice of dried bread creates an unforgettable taste of this ready-to-use dish. It can be used as an aperitif.
Marinated and cooked snails in olive oil with spicy herbs are great for making salads, soups and snacks for white wine. Real connoisseurs will appreciate delicate taste and aroma.
With the popularization of shellfish, the world market of delicacies has received a variety of amazing products. Order live or ready to-use online from our farm at the best prices.
Culinary searches and experiments of European chefs are still happening and perhaps there will be new dishes and products from snails in few years.

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