Heliceculture (snail breeding) is a new rapidly developing business in Ukraine

Modern Ukrainian market has small demands of escargot, meanwhile the bulks of snails products are exported to Poland and Baltic countries, from which they are exported to other European countries. In 2016 Ukraine exported seven times more snails than fat.

In this respect, heliceculture has become the object of investment, because:

  • snails grow fast on high-quality black soil;
  • vegetation from our latitudes is an ideal food;
  • raising snails is easy.


The reasons for the profitability of snails’ cultivation


Snails are not picky, preferring plant food with a natural reproduction process. Besides, they are hermaphrodites, able to give offspring.REASONS FOR THE BEGINNING OF SNAIL BUSINESS

Shellfish are environmentally friendly and their meat is rich in proteins and vitamins. In many European countries, snails can be met in the menus of restaurants and are part of snacks, soups and hot dishes.

Although the breeding industry is rapidly developed, the supply does not cover demand by at least 30%.

This product is exotic in Ukraine, but most Ukrainian business people have started to develop this business.

Ukrainian businessmen who understood the benefits of the business have started its active development.

The advantages of helicebusiness:

  • free market niche;
  • snails are unpretentious;
  • offspring from all snails;
  • business can be started from scratch.


Which types of snails are cultivated in Ukraine?


A grape snail (Helix pomatia) is the most common type for cultivation. They can be gathered in the wild: in forests, ravines, gardens and courtyards.

Ukrainians cultivate such garden snails as Helix aspersa Maxima and Helix aspersa Muller. They have a subtler taste and higher price.

It is necessary to buy a bloodstock needs and organise the premises. These species are mostly grown in closed-type greenhouses.

Giant African Achatina (Achatina fulica) are the most expensive. They are used in medicine and cosmetology, but require specific climate conditions for growth: air temperature + 28 ° C and humidity from 70%.


Heliceculture features

There are some peculiarities of the business:REASONS FOR THE BEGINNING OF SNAIL BUSINESS

  • creation of temperature regime;
  • protection from predators;
  • rules for keeping a snail farm;
  • possible risks.

In general, there is a vast amount of information available on the Internet, but proper training is advisable.


Awareness of the peculiarities of breeding can help you to become a part of this profitable business that requires minimum efforts and investments.  

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