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Properties of snail mucus

Snails in history


Properties of snail mucus

Snails are regarded companions of people that can be found in all periods of our history. In Ancient Egypt and Babylon the snails were a symbol of perpetuity and fruitfulness.

2000 years ago, Hippocrates found the efficiency of snails and their benefits for human health. He discovered that the use of mucus snails is able to treat skin diseases. Then, the therapeutic properties of snails were elapsed for many years, while medieval Europe people considered snail consumption a great sin. Only in the Renaissance period, snails reappeared on the tables of poor people, and have become the food of wealthy people. On the other hand, the useful properties of snail mucus have been presented later.

By the twentieth century, a Chilean farmer, occupied with cultivation of snails, noticed that the skin of the hands of his employees was smooth, supple and looked young, while the wounds were quickly healed. He observed and concluded that it was mucus that had so beneficial effect on the skin of workers.

What is snail mucus  


Snails use the sole or «leg» for movement, which is carried out by means of contraction and expansion of this muscle. It contains glands, secreting mucus. It makes the surface smooth and slippery. The same mucus is released when the shellfish experiences stress. It contains mucin cochlea, which has been actively applied in cosmetology.

Slime is often gathered from snails, brought up at organic farms. Studies have demonstrated that snails like Helix Aspersa Muller, used in cooking in European countries, have active mucus. The collection process is as following: mollusks are gathered in singular containers and subjected to stress, shaking-up or a fever which contributes to the extraction of mucus. This extract is actively used for preparation of a wide range of cosmetology means, such as snuff creams, masks and shampoos, is received. As soon as mucin is collected, mollusks are delivered back to the farm.

Snail slime properties and its content


Due to increased content of microelements and nutrients, the content of slime snails is a perfect and natural remedy for regeneration and diffusion of the skin with nutrients. It helps effectively treat common skin defects, scars and scars of varying severity. The composition of mucus is:

  • collagen,
  • elastin,
  • glycolid acid,
  • allantoin,
  • vitamins В, С, Е.

Collagen is a protein the basis of conjunctive tissue.  It protects skin and makes it and resistance to stress, maintains hydration and positive skin condition. It functions as natural addition and helps smooth wrinkles.

Properties of snail mucus

Elastin is a protein, forming part of the connective tissue. This element makes skin to restore the lost tone and elasticity. Moreover, when used externally, it protects and restores the physiological balance of the skin.

Allantoin, is a substance is famous for its therapeutic properties. It helps fight free radicals and stimulates cell proliferation, increases the healing speed of small skin lesions and is an indispensable aid in slowing down the aging process. It also has moisturizing properties.

Glycolic acid promotes exfoliation of dead skin cells. It contributes to a deeper penetration of other nutrients, stimulates the production of endogenous and elastin collagen by fibroblasts. Thus performing indispensable work to restore balance, elasticity and preserve the youthfulness of the skin.

Vitamins have an antioxidant effect and s

timulate production of collagen. Their high content in the extract of snails prevents destruction and promotes preservation of hea

lthy skin cells. They play a very important role in slowing down the aging of cells and preserving youthfulness and elasticity of the skin.

Substances of the snail slime intensively moisturize, nourish and protect skin from the harmful effects of environment. Snail mucus skin benefits are:

  • Protective — prevents negative effects of environmental factors among and the effects of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Smoothing — reduces the depth of wrinkles and restores the natural balance;
  • Healing — stimulates regeneration processes and keeps the skin elastic;
  • Rejuvenating — nourishes the skin with useful substances and improves its appearance, slows the aging of cells.

The combination of useful substances and unique properties of mucin makes highly demanded in cosmetology and pharmaceutics

Use of snails in cosmetology


When mucin is used in dermatology and cosmetology, it helps slow down the aging processes of skin tissues, and is indispensable in the fight against scars and other common skin defects. Many cosmetic companies use mucin to create a wide range of means. It is especially popular in many Asian producers, among which Korean creams and masks gained huge popula

rity in the market. Snail excretion is time-consuming process; therefore, cosmetic means, created with its use, are expensive. The extract is in the content of some hair products. Shampoos and masks it, are created to preserve health of our hair and scalp. Nowadays, to reinforce anti-aging fight, some companies have started the production of serum wi

th hyaluronic acid and snail extract. In serum, the use of mucin is maximal, while the adding of hyaluronic acid speeds up the effect.

Use of cosmetology procedures


Properties of snail mucus

Cosmetic or therapeutic snails of Helix Pomatia or Achatina fulica are used by the beauty salons. Before use, every client has to undergo some tests, because mollusks can transmit parasites, when they are used to from one person to another, and therefore, they should be carefully checked before the use. The face of a person should be cleared before the procedure, as well as some cream to be applied before the application of the snail. As soon as the snail is applied to the face, it adapts, crawls out of the shell and eats cream together with the dead skin particles, leaving mucus trace behind. The movements of snails on the faceresemblemassage, so this procedure

massage by snails. As soon as the procedure finishes, the mollusks are cleaned, since they can probably carry infections. In this case, ready-made facial masks from snail’s mucus are safer.There are many means, prepared from the snail slime, as scientist discovered a great number of useful properties. If you want to know where snails slime can be bought,please visit our website.






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