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Peculiarities of the snails farm «Snails-house»

The farm «Snails-house» takes a leading position in the field of growing, breeding, making products from Helix aspera Muller and Helix aspera maxima. We have made every effort to succeed in this industry, here are our features.

  • Location.

The farm “Snails-house” is located in Kharkov region, in ecologically clean territory. It is a lowland, surrounded by pine forest, far from city noise. The territory of 60 hectares gives us the right to be called the largest company for breeding and raising snails.Peculiarities of the snails farm "Snails-house"

Clean air and picturesque landscape creates conditions, which are as close as possible to the natural conditions of detention.

  • Diversity.

Our production is of mixed type, since there are open enclosures, greenhouses and closed production premises. It provides us with the opportunity to breed Muller and Maxima snails all year round. Moreover, saving offspring is possible thanks to incubation systems.

  • Choice.

Our company is engaged in breeding of snails and production of various goods from them. The range includes:

  • frozen and live clams,
  • snail caviar
  • canned products
  • finished products (Scargo),
  • fry for breeding,
  • snail secret (mucus).

Products from «Snails-house» are in demand in restaurants and large manufacturers.

All stages of production undergo quality control, so our products comply with European standards, have the appropriate certificates and are environmentally friendly.

We do not use chemical additives, growth hormones for a quick profit, modified raw materials in the process of breeding and manufacturing products.

  • Communications.

We strive to introduce people to an unusual product, which is a recognized delicacy all over the world. After all, high-class cooks create incredibly tasty snail meat dishes.

Our official website is always available to visitors both for familiarization and ordering.

We also prepare several excursions to our farm in order to share the experience of breeding and raising snails, to show what we have achieved during this time.

  • Carefulness.

Employees who work on the farm, are devoted to their work and are very responsible. They manually select the snails for sale, carefully looking at each type.Peculiarities of the snails farm "Snails-house"

In order to create Escargot, our cooks use traditional recipes, as well as create original culinary masterpieces.

Auxiliary products such as butter and olive oil, herbs, spices are natural.

Each snail selected for production undergoes several degrees of purification. Only after that they create a delicacy from the mollusks.

  • Price.

Since the farm «Snails-house” is a manufacturer, everyone who wants to buy our products can claim a fair price.

Employees have individually approach to each client. It allows making deliveries in time.

“Snails-house” is a reliable source of high-quality gastronomic delicacies!

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