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Partner meeting with «Eco snails»

Partner meeting with "Eco snails"

eco-snailsTomash Stempen and his wife Aurelia Rudjinskaya Stempen, the wieners of the company “Еco snails” visited our farm. The partner meeting of the companies “Snails House” and “Еco snails” was exciting and informative.
Tomash and Aurelia visited our fields, which are about to become the home for new snails.  They evaluated the size of the territory and picturesque landscape, where our farm is located. They also visited the snail’s cage and evaluated the level of professional care, forwarded for our snails. Our guests shared information and ideas about the improvement of snails care and breeding.The company “Еco snails” is located in Poland. This couple has been working in the sphere of snails breeding and cultivation for many years, so they were pleased to share their knowledge and give recommendations, which will make our work better!
Tomash admitted that our farm is the largest snail farm in Europe and wished us good luck.eco-snailseco-snails

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