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At the farm «Snails House» you are offered to purchase a great amount of different products, ranging from meat to snails pate. Taking into account that all our snails are cultivated and live in natural and favorable conditions, be sure that our products are ecologically clean and safe. If you decided to buy our offerings in bulk, be ready to get high quality products at competitive prices. Moreover, we pack them into specialized boxes, which can endure long distances and hours of transportation.

Assortment of products at «Snails House»

Snails takes the positions of a favorite delicacy of the world gourmets, and France us a leading consumer of this kind of product. Taking into account that France lacks farms, cultivating snails, there is a necessity to import them from other countries. In addition, France imports other products, prepared from snails, e.g. pate and frozen escargot. Snails are favorite delicacy of many Europeans. Major consumer is France. Thus, the company «Snails House» is ready to deliver its frozen escargot and other products to any part of the world. Among the wide range of products, offered by our company, you may find:
  • baby snail,
  • caviar,
  • shells.
The farm workers collect each snail manually, carefully refine them, separate shells from mollusks and clean them in social conditions. Then the shells are warned up in special ovens. The processing provides shells with savory appearance. Meat of snails is carefully cleaned and used for preparation of different tasty and unusual dishes. Due to its texture, which is clear and smooth, snails’ meat is appropriate for pate preparation. In addition, other ingredients, used for pate cooking, are of high quality. Caviar from snails is becoming very popular among the European gourmets for its unique taste and usefulness. Its white grains are similar to pearls; therefore, it is often called “Pearl of Aphrodite”. Its composition is really unique, having large amounts of B, A, C, D, and E vitamins and potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, sodium and other microelements. This composition and amount of microelements enhance functions of cardiovascular and digestive systems, thyroid gland. Moreover, it improves working capacity of the whole body. Finally, it is famous for being a strong aphrodisiac.

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We are ready to offer you a great assortment of snails products, which are cooked after the most delicious receipts of the world cuisine and with the observance of all the stages of refinery and processing. So, buying our products, you are ensured to get high quality delicious snails. In addition, special packaging ensures safe and convenient delivery to any part of the world.

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