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Myths about snails

If  you decided to buy an unusual pet or want to start cultivation of snails, it will be interesting for you to know the facts and most common myths about snails.

Snails are very mysterious creatures. They are non standard pets. Therefore there are many strange facts about them.


The first myth: Akhatina and grape snail are the same

Myths about snails

This myth is absolutely wrong, as these two types are different. Akhatina is a giant African snail. It usually has a beautiful color of shell, which is pointed at the end. On average, its size is 13-15 cm, but it can reach 25 cm!

Grape snail is from Europe and it is quite small. It can often be found just in nature. Its shell is of round shape. Both species are used for cooking and as pets. However, their living conditions are different.



The second myth. Snails are useful for skin

This myth is partially truthful.  Over the past decade, skin products with snail mucus have become incredibly popular. It is added to creams, masks and serums. This ingredient is especially popular in Korean cosmetics. However, raw materials must be obtained, thoroughly cleaned and prepared. In case you apply normal or street snail on the face, you risk get problems in the form of bacteria that can carry on shellfish.


The third myth. Bright vegetable color the shell

The color of the shell is laid genetically similar to the color of the eyes and hair in humans. Therefore, brightly colored vegetables can only affect the digestive system of the snail, but not the color of its shell.


The fourth myth. It is useful for snails to eat paper

This is a very strange myth that can cause irreparable harm to snails. People claim that paper is a source of calcium and cellulose, which are good for their bodies. Moreover, during the production bleach and other chemicals are added that are potentially dangerous for a living organism.


The fifth myth. Snails are perfect pets for children with an allergy

This is partly true. There is no allergy to shellfish. But, unfortunately, an allergy occurs to food and other means of care, such as foliage, which are necessary for care.


The sixth myth. Snails can be washed under the running water

Myths about snails

If you conducted such an experiment at least once, you might have noticed that while snail pulls the neck. It is a mistake to assume that it likes this procedure. The mollusk does it on the basis of natural instinct, i.e. fear of drowning. This is especially true of Akhatin, whose natural environment is arid Africa. In addition, in tap water there are a lot of impurities that can harm the animal. It is recommended to wash it once a week in a saucer with cool water.


The seventh myth. Soil for begonia and azalea is suitable for snails cultivation

None of the soil mixtures are suitable for mollusks. They are added with fertilizers which may cause harm to mollusk.

The Eighth myth|Snails fell into hibernation

If the snail does not show up for a long time from the shell, its habitat is the most likely to be poor for it. Perhaps it is hot or cold, and may be too dry.

In any case, snails are not very easy to care. This is another myth about them. They should be regularly fed, watered, sprayed with water, cleaned in their terrarium, and they also sometimes get sick. However, if one knows the characteristics of care and breeding, as well as untruthful information, one can get along perfectly with these funny creatures.

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