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Mollusk after hibernation

In nature all snails hibernate when coming winter. In Ukraine, Helix Pomatia live in nature, they are active from April to October.Mollusk after hibernation

When the temperature is above 8-11 ° C, mollusk start to dig a chamber in the ground to be safe in winter. If the ground is too tight snails hibernate under leaves.

Snail removes itself from waste products and moisture and then start to winter.

In chamber snail fastens with the leg to the base of the shell and close its shell with slime (calcareous plug).

Mollusk sleep and its enter of the shell looks up. In such position snail can:

  • easily going out;
  • breathe through loose soil;
  • the risk of bacteria penetration is reduced.


How to awake snail

When snails feel that the weather become warmer mollusk dissolves the edges of the epiphgram and start to climb up from the ground.

It eats its cork and get calcium after suspended animation.

In the first few days after hibernation snails eat a lot of greens ,because they are hungry, they gain weight and become strong, and ready for reproduction.


Organization of  conditions for snails hibernation

Mollusk after hibernationOn close types of snails farms are created special conditions for mollusk to sleep. We clean stomachs of snails before sleeping , we don`t feed them and then put mollusk to boxes. The air temperature should be gradually lover and and we must monitor the humidity and temperature during hibernation of snails so that they do not wake up earlier than necessary.  Otherwise, it may further affect the reproduction of snails.

When we need to wake up the snails, we gradually increase the air temperature to simulate natural conditions.  After waking up, the snails must be fed, they must gain strength and lost weight.  After a few weeks, snails will fully recover and can reproduce.


Hibernation of Helix Aspersa snails. What are the differences?


Garden snails are grown only on farms in our country, they came to us from the African continent. Therefore they hibernate at a higher temperature than other land snails.

When growing snails, the most important thing is to bring the conditions of their existence closer to natural ones.  Then snails will give offspring as efficiently as possible.

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