Snail farming is a profitable business that is rapidly developing in Ukraine. You can start to engage in this unusual type of animal husbandry literally from scratch. The first mini-farm for many entrepreneurs was the courtyard of their own private house. As the herd grew and profits increased, large farms began to open up.

The main goal for farmers is to sell offspring abroad or to the domestic market. The more actively the mollusk reproduce and grow, the higher the profit.


Favorable conditions for procreation

Despite the fact that in Europe this type of animal husbandry is called “business for the lazy”, a number of factors affect the snail population in artificial conditions (as well as in nature):METHODS OF BREEDING SNAILS

  • comfortable air temperature;
  • high level of humidity;
  • saturation of the soil with calcium and other microelements;
  • food;
  • cleanliness.

If at least one of these requirements does not meet, the mollusks become less active, and the reproduction process slows down. Feeling unfavorable conditions, even a fertilized animal can hold embryos in itself for a long time in anticipation of better times.


Breeding features

Active months for fertilization are March, April, May. Snails lay eggs two weeks after mating. Recall that these animals are hermaphrodites, so each individual brings offspring. This factor is another advantage of heliceculture (shellfish breeding).

Laying eggs lasts no more than two hours. From above, the gastropods cover the offspring with earth, providing babies with protection and warmth. Tiny mollusk are born in about three weeks. It is customary to plant young growth in a neighboring corral.


Breeding methods

In this area of ​​animal husbandry, there are three types of snail breeding:

  • open;
  • closed;
  • mixed.

Open type (outdoor cultivation) are the least expensive type of business. For its organization, a fenced land plot is needed, sown with tall grass and divided into sections. The main disadvantage: seasonality (during the cold season, snails hibernate).

In this way grape snails (Helix pomatia) are grown, which are accustomed to our environment and are found in natural conditions.

As already mentioned, unfavorable natural conditions interfere with the reproduction process. If the summer is too hot and dry, then it doesn’t matter how well you feed the pets: they will not bring the offspring. In addition, birds and animals often become an obstacle to business development, so a future farmer should take care of reliable protection (no large trees in the vicinity, a high fence dug deep into the ground, etc.).METHODS OF BREEDING SNAILS


Greenhouses (closed breeding method) require large investments: an equipped building with climatic technology that controls the parameters of air and humidity. However, the profit in this case will be significantly higher, because you will have the opportunity to breed shellfish all year round. Garden snails (Helix aspersa Maxima and Helix aspersa Muller) are often grown in greenhouses.

The mixed type is a breeding system means the mollusks are held outdoors during the warm season, and in a heated building during the cold season. Thus, within six months (under favorable natural conditions), the farmer saves energy, and the process of reproduction (respectively, making a profit) does not stop.


Every way of breeding snails you choose, this unusual type of activity will bring you profit and open up new horizons in business development and increasing income.

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