Marinated snails

«Snails House» is ready to provide you with marinated snails wholesale.  We use products, from our own snail fields. The ecologically clean terrains, where our farm is located, are beneficial for development of healthy and biologically clean shellfish. If you buy from us, be sure to get high quality products at competitive prices. We use qualified and natural meat for marinated snails and our assortment has a wide range of ready-to-use, live and frozen snails, caviar and other dishes.

Buy marinated escargots wholesale

“Snails House” farm collects and processes several species of shellfish. Meat, after all stages of cleaning and processing, is forwarded to be cooked. We use cooked fillets, olive oil, spicy herbs, garlic, pepper and sea salt for marinating. Our products are packaged in cans and put into specialized boxes to ensure convenient transportation. You can buy pickled grape or garden types in bulk at our farm.

Use of the unique delicacy

The French and people from other European countries have been consuming shellfish for many years. The growing interest in this dish has led to the creation of a variety of recipes. Frozen and marinated snails can be easily bought. They are generally used as a snack with wine and as a component to prepare salads and soups. Marinated shellfish are used for escargot preparation. All you need is to cook the sauce and stuff the snail shell marinated fillet, adding this sauce.

Korean snails recipe

This recipe «in Korean” will be appreciated by the fans of Korean cuisine. For the preparation you will need:
  • Marinated snails fillet – 200gr,
  • carrots – 100 gr,
  • soy sauce – 1,5 tablespoon,
  • lemon juice – 1,5 tablespoon,
  • sugar – 0,5 teaspoon,
  • red hot pepper, dry garlic, milled coriander – 1/3 teaspoon,
  • onion bulb of medium size – 1 piece,
  • sunflower oil – 1 teaspoon,
  • sesame – 0,5 teaspoon,
  • cilantro leaves – 10 gr.
Preparation starts with onion. It is necessary to clean it and cut in small half rings, add the lemon juice and leave to have the onion marinated. This time can be used for grating carrots. Special grater for Korean carrots is better in this case. Then place the grated carrot and onions into a jug with a lid. We use soy sauce, lemon juice, sugar, sunflower oil and other spices for preparation of marinade. After mixing of marinade, heat it, but avoid boiling. Then, add carrots and onions. Later, mix all the ingredients. Cover the jug with a lid and place it into the fridge for 4-5 hours. Then include marinated escargot to carrots and onion, and then mix them for 10-15 minutes. In order to get tastier dish, sprinkle it with sesame seeds and cilantro leaves.

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