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Mandatory Farm Components

Snails breeding in Ukraine is a profitable business that does not require large financial investments. To start making money on snails you only need:Mandatory Farm Components

  • purchase broodstock — 300-500 mollusks (they are hermaphrodites, therefore the sex of individuals is not important), ready for breeding;
  • Set up a snail farm.

In general, grape and gray snails (and these are usually bred) are unpretentious in care, but for their healthy life it is important that the conditions on the farm correspond to natural conditions:

  • air humidity should be 85-90%;
  • the temperature shouldn`t exceed 25 degrees Celsius and shouldn`t be lower than 17;
  • the soil in the enclosures should be calcined and plants should grow there.

To ensure these conditions, the farm is equipped with special tools, devices and other components.


These are special wooden pallets that are placed on the field where the mollusks are bred so that it is convenient for them to move around, and it is convenient for collectors to collect them. Creatures also hide from the direct rays of the sun under pallets on hot days. Pallets are also used in the closed parts of the farm — they are installed with the same goals in aviaries with snails.

Important! The location is cleaned of branches and other debris before installing pallets. Ideally, the field should be clean and even, planted with special crops (there should be no weeds).

Predator protection

Many predators threaten snails in natural conditions:

  • insects;
  • small rodents;
  • snakes.

Only 60% usually survives from the entire masonry of a new population in nature.This value can be increased, as well as to control the survival of all adult broodstock in farm conditions. The field is not only pre-cleaned before the arrangement, but also protected.

Access to the farm from the outside world is limited by a fence and wire. Special means are used, to protect the territory from insects.

Important! To keep the snails healthy and not in danger, the farm also needs to be kept clean. It is not only about standard cleaning, but also air purification (indoors) and regular water changes.

Devices that control humidity and temperature

These are special devices in real time that determine the indicators of humidity and air temperature. There are different values, for different farm premises. For example, the temperature should be lower in enclosures with snail caviar than for adults — 17 degrees Celsius.Mandatory Farm Components

Humidifiers can be used to maintain moisture. It is also important to remember that regular watering of snails is an obligatory procedure for breeding mollusks.

Important! In some cases, for example, if the farm is equipped in the basement, dehumidifiers may be required. Necessary devices are selected depending on the given conditions.

Other components of the farm depend on its scale and purpose of creation. If within the framework of the business are sold for sale not only adults, but also additional products (caviar, mucin), separate rooms and equipment are needed where they will wash and collect the product.

Also, as part of a snail farm, mollusks can be cooked, then sold frozen as a semi-finished product. Large enterprises do just that. You can start small: those mandatory components in the list above are already the basis for a small but profitable snail business.

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