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Interesting facts about snails

Malacology, the science that deals with studying snails, is very popular. Scientists have discovered much about snails, but they still work hard in this direction.  There are some facts they have already discovered:

  • Snails have the brain, divided into four parts, allowing them to think, make decisions, and remember the location.
  • The neural tissue of the snails’ brain was used to develop the drug against epilepsy.
  • Researchers at the University of Cleveland, Ohio, designed a cyborg-snail with the use of a mouth muscle of Aplysia californica (sea mollusk).
  • Although snails are soundless, there are some types that are able to sing. African Akhatin is able to produce sounds, when it comes to water.Interesting facts about snails
  • Akhatina is the slowest snail. It can develop the speed up to 7 centimeters per minute. Meanwhile, there is the fastest snail that reaches 33 centimeters in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Snails have a nervous system. It consists of 20,000 neurons.
  • Snails consume water. When shellfish are near the water they are able to absorb it like pumps.
  • Snails move through muscles contracting. The moveable leg participates in the movement process.
  • Snails can live in the state of anabiosis for 6 months even at a dangerous temperature of -1200 C. In this period, they can lose 50% of the body weight.
  • Since snails are blind, they can communicate by touch. In addition, these animals can distinguish between day and night.

These creatures are really unique and we will keep on telling you the most interesting facts about them

Interesting facts about snailsInteresting facts about snails

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