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What’s new you can learn during an excursion to a snail farm

For a long time, the company Snails House was engaged only in the cultivation of snails. The farm gained experience and it`s ready to share it during a fascinating tour. Programs are created for children and adults. Do you want to know what to expect? Read below!

On the tour you will be told about the following.

Interesting information about snails

For example, did you know that snails are a type of crustacean and therefore are mollusks? It’s hard to believe, but with oysters and mussels they are in the same genus. At the same time, only part of the snails floats in the sea, the rest are land and prefer ground.What's new you can learn during an excursion to a snail farm

Land snails — gray small and large are grown on Snails House farm. These are edible mollusks, which are appreciated for their taste and composition. Tender juicy snail meat is the basis of many culinary delicacies, most of them are French recipes, but there are also unique dishes, including the authorship of Ukrainian cooks.

Due to the composition of the mollusks, they are useful for even with gastric and cardiac disorders. Also a high content of calcium and protein has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system and snails have a special effect on human skin. Mucin — the mucus of creatures has the ability to renew and heal the skin. Therefore, it is often used to treat dermatological diseases, as well as in cosmetology.

This is only a small part of the facts that can be told about snails.

Guides of Snails House will tell you all the most interesting given the age group of visitors.

How snails are grown

This moment will be told and shown. Excursions include a passage through all locations of the farm:What's new you can learn during an excursion to a snail farm

  • open and closed areas (depending on the time of year and temperature, shellfish are grown in an open field or indoors);
  • separate rooms for caviar and the young generation of mollusks;
  • premises for the preparation of additional snail products — caviar and mucin.

Shellfish are generally unpretentious in their care, but for normal life they need protection from predators and certain conditions of temperature and humidity. On the farm, this is controlled by special equipment. Even open fields are protected against external influences,  temperature and humidity are constantly measured with instruments.

About information how all processes are organized,  will be especially interesting to learn for those who are thinking of doing snail business. If the information on the tour does not seem detailed enough for you, you can contact Snails House managers with additional questions about growing.

Important! Interested visitors during a tour of the locations can try their hand at business — for example, to learn how to collect snails.

How to eat snails

Guides will tell you and you will have opportunity to try. A meal after enhanced absorption of information is the best solution, therefore, as part of the tour, on its last stage, Snails House arranges a tasting of shellfish. All delicacies are prepared from products grown on the farm by cooks of the company according to original and traditional recipes.

Important! Shellfish dishes are usually combined with cheese, French baguette and white wine. Herbs occupy a special place in the preparation of such delicacies. Therefore snail dishes are always not only tender and juicy, but also fragrant.

For both children and adults, a walk around the farm is fascinating (and delicious!). Fresh air and many interesting things are the perfect combination of business with pleasure. About the time (the mollusks live in cycles, so every new season something changes in their life and, for example, in the autumn you can see something that you won’t see in the spring) and other times check with the manager of Snails House.

We are waiting for you at our farm!

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