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What should not be fed to snails?

Snails are not picky eaters. They eat almost all plant foods (vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs), so there are no problems with feeding the shellfish.

If you have adopted an animal as a pet, it is important to understand the basic principles of nutrition. Snails are fed once a day. The drinker is refilled as needed, but also daily. The remnants of old food must be removed, otherwise there is a risk of bacteria growth.

The main diet of snails

As already mentioned, the basis of the diet is plant foods. There are almost no prohibitions here. The main thing is to observe the concept of seasonality. It is not natural to feed the molluscs with cucumbers in winter. Harmful pesticides pose a deadly threat to the animal.

What should not be fed to snails?Vegetables are allowed: zucchini, carrots, cabbage (cauliflower, Peking cabbage, broccoli, white cabbage), pumpkin, cucumbers.

Fruit basket — apples, bananas, persimmons, pears, peaches, apricots. The only ban is citruses or other foods with high acidity.

Berries and greens — any (except for cranberries and sorrel).

In addition to fiber and carbohydrates from plant foods, the snail’s body needs various micro and macro elements, in particular calcium. For structure and strength, the shells of mollusks are fed with special additives. This can be calcium stone, powder from a pet store, or even regular eggshells crushed in a coffee grinder.

What should not be fed to snails?Also, to strengthen the muscles and the body as a whole, the snail needs protein. The easiest way to give it in the right amount is to add dry gammarus or daphnia to your food.

The need for other nutrients is covered by cereals. Crushed to the state of flour buckwheat, corn, wheat, oatmeal are given dry or steamed in boiling water.

And, of course, we must not forget about water, which should only be drinkable and clean.

With this sorted out, now let’s move on to the prohibitions.

Snail eating taboo

The main reason for the poisoning of pets is the interest of children, who are not aware of the possible danger. When starting a snail as a pet, first of all talk to the little owners and explain: what is tasty and safe for humans can kill the animal.

Here is a list of the most dangerous foods:

  • In this case, the health risk lies not only in ingestion, but also in any contact. The snail’s body is mostly water. Dehydration is the worst thing that can happen to her. When the body comes into contact with salt, there is a sharp loss of moisture. The mollusk is forced to produce a lot of mucus, and this condition is considered borderline. Naturally, salt is dangerous not only in its pure form, but also in the composition of products. You cannot give anything salty to the animal.
  • What should not be fed to snails?Spices, especially spicy ones, can burn the body.
  • Products made from premium flour (and perhaps from any other): pasta, bread, rolls, semolina. Poorly absorbed, lead to intestinal blockage. The same negative effect from legumes.
  • «Human» food: canned food, salted foods, smoked meats, sugar-containing foods, fried, spicy, sour. All this is not suitable for animals and is dangerous.
  • Dairy products, meat, fish, eggs. They contain a high percentage of fat that the snail’s body cannot digest.
  • Potatoes (due to starch).
  • Onions, garlic, chili peppers, sorrel, radish, wormwood — due to too aggressive taste (acid, pungency), which causes a burn. The aforementioned citrus fruits also belong here. Tomato should be given with caution.

As for caution, let’s list what it is advisable not to give to the snail, but the degree of danger is lower:

  • olives (if fed, then only fresh and a little);
  • mushrooms (extremely rarely possible);
  • dried fruits (fresh fruit is much healthier).

About the products that did not make it into our article. The golden rule applies here: if in doubt, it is better not to give. In addition, the list of what is permitted is more than extensive. Any experiment in this case can turn out badly.

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