Heliculture (a term applied to snail farming) is the cultivation of edible land mollusk for food, cosmetic and medical purposes. In Europe, this business is called lazy, since the occupation does not require rush, as well as a lot of time.

Every year the industry develops more and more in Ukraine. Our fertile soil seems to have been created for this type of animal husbandry, therefore experienced businessmen open and develop a business for growing snails, establishing sales to Europe.

The domestic market is not ready yet to accept tasty dietary meat on a large scale, but this is also a matter of time.

Despite the rapid development of the industry in our country and in the world, the demand on the world market significantly exceeds the supply. In European countries, especially in France, snails have a significant share in the food industry. The number of dishes is in the hundreds, and the most popular (escargot) is always present on the festive table.

That is why opening your own farm is a good move for making a profit, because in any case, you will find point of sale.

In this article we will tell you how to start a snail business, how to prepare for breeding, where you can buy a snail for a broodstock, and more.



If you are planning to seriously engage in heliculture, you cannot do without this item. Knowledge of the intricacies of this type of animal husbandry minimizes the risks (diseases, mortality, problems with reproduction).WHAT DO YOU NEED TO OPEN A SNAIL FARM?

Some Ukrainian farms have been around for several years. At one time, their owners were forced to study in Poland or other countries where the industry has been developed for a long time. However, today they share their experience and talk about the nuances of the snail business here, in our country.

As a rule, such consultations consider the following issues:

  • how to calculate the cost of construction;
  • points of sales;
  • soil preparation;
  • optimal level of temperature and humidity;
  • where you can buy a snail for broodstock;
  • what to feed the shellfish and how often;
  • how to care for the farm;
  • when to plant young growth, etc.

The company often offers basic equipment (pallets, racks, reproduction tables), and also selects the optimal feed.

This information is valuable because farmers have received it over a long period of time through trial and error, so training will greatly facilitate the process of starting a business.


Business plan preparation, activity registration and construction

The next step involves making calculations for costs and benefits. First of all, you need to decide on the breeding method: open or closed (indoors). The latter option is more expensive, but the income is much higher.

To organize a farm in an open area, you need:

  • find and buy (or lease) land;
  • prepare the soil (decontaminate, fertilize, cultivate, sow with edible plants);
  • enclose with a fence;
  • divide into sections (broodstock, young animals, individuals for saWHAT DO YOU NEED TO OPEN A SNAIL FARM?le).

Opening a closed farm involves the following preparation stages:

  • purchase, lease or construction of an industrial building;
  • connection of communications;
  • installation of climatic equipment regulating temperature and humidity;
  • purchase of boxes and racks.

An intermediate step is the registration of activities, which includes the following items:

  • choice of taxation system;
  • registration of a legal entity (or individual entrepreneur);
  • obtaining permission from veterinary services.


Purchase of broodstock

Broodstock is purchased from other farms. When asked where you can buy a snail for breeding, you will most likely be answered during the training. The purchase of selected healthy molluscs largely determines the quality of future offspring, so do not pursue savings, but choose a serious supplier that has been on the market for many years.

Note. In the first year, the mortality rate of shellfish will be above average, but this is not surprising, because the change of terrain and food is stressful for animals.


Opening a snail farm is a serious step that should be carefully prepared for. However, the knowledge base and care in drawing up a business plan in the future will bear fruit in the form of a good income.

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