Do you have a giant African Achatina at home? Then keep in mind that this is not only a funny pet, but also a real spa treatment for the skin of the face.

The fact is that the mucus of mollusks (especially this breed) contains many useful substances. Creams, serums, masks are made on the basis of mucin. The Koreans were the pioneers in this matter. To this day, their cosmetics are mega-popular.

But what benefit will the pet itself bring to the face? Let’s find out in this article.

Snail slime composition

To begin with, not everything a snail secretes is good for the skin. The first type of mucus is called liposin. It is he who remains when the pet moves. There are practically no useful components there.

The second type is cryptozin, which is released when the animal is under stress. Cryptozin contains a whole storehouse of usefulness:

  • collagen;
  • elastin;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • allantoin;
  • glycolic acid;
  • vitamins (A, C, E);
  • peptide antibiotics.

HOW TO USE A SNAIL FOR YOUR FACE?Agree, it’s impressive. Such a set is hardly contained even in the most expensive cream. Thanks to its rich composition, the skin is moisturized, disinfected, saturated with vitamins, wrinkles are smoothed and a protective barrier is created.

Mucin is not added to cosmetics in its pure form. Before that, it goes through filtration and drying processes. From 1 kg of mucus, only 5-10 grams of dry extract is obtained. Due to the complexity and high cost of production, creams, serums and masks are expensive.

But why overpay if a supplier of such a useful substance lives in your house? To get the maximum benefit at zero cost, we suggest trying a unique procedure — snail massage.

Snail massage

Let’s make a reservation right away, ideally this procedure should be done in a beauty salon. Yes, snail massage is found in the list of cosmetic services, though not everywhere.

HOW TO USE A SNAIL FOR YOUR FACE?The advantage of the in-office process is that the specialist guides the animal along the massage lines. Also (in theory) it is a guarantee of health of the mollusk.

But if you are sure of the excellent health of your pet, you can give it a try.

First, rinse your snail under cool water. Cleanse your face, neck and optional décolleté and apply a little milk as bait. Sitting comfortably, let the snail over your skin. Periodically tap the shell with a teaspoon a little. The mollusk will get scared and release the very same cryptozine. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your pet. After the pet has crawled in all areas, return it to the house and thank it for the work with a “dessert” (banana, berries).

Leave the mucus on your skin for 15 minutes and then wash off with water. Do this 2-3 times a week. After a couple of weeks, you will definitely notice the result: the skin will be tightened, it will become fresh and velvety.

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