Heliculture (snail breeding) is a new type of animal husbandry for Ukraine, the profitability of which has already been experienced by many farmers. Such a business is considered exotic in our country, while shellfish are one of the most beloved products for Europeans. The record holder is rightfully considered France, the birthplace of the world’s most famous delicacy — escargot. Gastropods are also eaten in Spain, Italy, Greece and other countries.

Despite the rapidly developing sphere, global demand is still not satisfied, so anyone can easily join the stream.

The types of breeding, scale, preparation and implementation of the project will be discussed in this article.


Preparation plan

Before embarking on active actions, any business provides for the documentary drawing up of an individual development plan. Growing snails is no exception.

Such a document can be used as a start-up for finding investors, so proper drafting is important to attract lenders.

So, the business plan includes the following sections:HOW TO START SNAIL BREEDING?

  • business relevance;
  • stages of construction;
  • financial calculations;
  • creation of conditions of detention;
  • equipment;
  • distribution channels;
  • expected monthly profit;
  • payback periods.

Note. Do not neglect this point, even if you are planning to grow snails on a modest scale. The theses set out on paper will help you better navigate the situation.


Selecting a dilution scale

The big plus of heliceculture is that it is possible to get down to business with a minimum start-up capital. So many creators of large farms started with a small broodstock, which was bred in the courtyard of a private house. If you are not ready to invest in an unknown type of business or do not have free funds, try starting small.

Those who have been thinking about breeding for a long time know that snails are a high income and are ready to invest start-up capital, they are aimed at scale. In this case, it is important to choose the type of breeding first:

  • open;
  • closed.

Pens (air rearing) are less costly and are suitable for growing grape snails. Greenhouses are the more expensive option and yield better results. Helix aspersa Maxima, Helix aspersa Muller and also Helix pomatia (grape) are grown in greenhouses.

The closed breeding method involves the costs not only for the production building, but also for climatic equipment that will regulate the level of temperature and humidity.



If you plan to open a snail farm, completing the training will facilitate the task, and also in the future will minimize the risks that exist in this area as in any other.

Heliculture courses are conducted by farmers who have been engaged in this type of animal husbandry for several years. They are happy to share their experience, suggest how to get out of problem situations, the best way to feed the snails, how to introduce and remove mollusks from hibernation, and so on.

Many companies provide all inclusive services:

  • information support;
  • equipment;
  • broodstock;
  • feed.

This is very convenient, as you use the knowledge gained over a long time by trial and error.


Sales channels

In preparation for snail farming, it is important to develop future distribution channels. And although you will receive the first offspring no earlier than in half a year, you need to understand which category of legal entities will be the main buyer of the product.HOW TO START SNAIL BREEDING?

There are four areas of sale:

  • reception points;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • manufacturing enterprises for the procurement of semi-finished products;
  • export.

Small farms, as well as individuals who collect shellfish in nature, donate their crops to special points that are organized by large companies.

For export, goods are sent in large quantities. To establish supplies abroad, you must obtain a special certificate of conformity.


All these are the initial steps for the implementation of the idea of ​​growing snails. This is followed by a whole range of work:

  • registration of a legal entity;
  • search and preparation of a site or building;
  • sowing with edible crops;
  • purchase of broodstock;
  • getting the first harvest;
  • advertising and sale of products.

A competent approach to building a business guarantees you a high level of income and a quick payback.

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