The export of snails from Ukraine to European countries is growing exponentially every year. Accordingly, the number of companies that have received permission to sell products abroad is increasing.

Snails are supplied for export in bulk frozen.

Preparation for implementation includes the following stages:

  • collection;
  • primary rinse;
  • bowel cleansing;
  • freezing.

Let’s consider each item more detailed.


Collection of shellfish

The first critical stage in the pre-sale chain must be prepared in advance. For 2-3 days in the area where will be collection, turn off the irrigation system (or stop watering).

This move makes the task much easier:HOW TO PREPARE A SNAIL FOR EXPORT?

snails lose up to 10% of their mass, so you don’t overpay to workers who collect snails for excess weight;

dry shellfish are easier and faster to collect.

To organize the process, you will need the following set of inventory:

household gloves;


boxes with holes;

shading mesh.

If the truss is equipped with pallets, for convenience, take a piece of timber or other object to support it. This will keep both hands free and the collection process will speed up.

After lifting the pallet, start collecting shellfish from the ground, making room for further advance. Then remove the “crop” from the bottom and sides of the pallets.

Don’t waste time sorting at this stage. Put all snails in the bucket, except for dead individuals (which also need to be collected, but in a different container), and also leaving babies with a shell size less than 2 cm to grow.

Important! Do not fill the bucket completely, as this will make it difficult for the snails lying on the bottom to breathe. Move the animals about halfway into the crate.

From above, the box must be covered with a lid with holes and a shading mesh so that direct sunlight does not fall on the molluscs.



The next stage involves awakening and primary external cleansing. The boxes are installed compactly in a convenient place (better indoors if the weather is sunny). Then a hose is pulled with an irrigation nozzle, and the mollusks are watered.

Animals wake up from simulated rain. Such a condition is mandatory before the next step — bowel cleansing, because in a dream, gastropods keep excrement in themselves.

After 5-10 minutes you will see that the snails have revived and started to be active. Now is the time to switch the pressure to the intensive mode to wash away the mucus. For convenience and a more thorough cleansing, wiggle the clams with your hands under pressure.


Bowel cleansing

This item practically does not involve your participation. The main task is not to feed the mollusks! Thus, in 2-3 days, waste products will completely leave the body, and the snail will be ready for further preparation.

At this stage, you can periodically rinse the animals with a hose.

As a rule, after cleansing the intestines, the sorting stage begins. According to the size of the snails, they are laid out into the first and second grade, and rejected individuals (with a damaged shell and dead) are also removed.



After all stages of biological processing and sorting are completed, you can start drying and freezing the product.HOW TO PREPARE A SNAIL FOR EXPORT?

The snails are put in sealed bags with a fastener or in containers and sent to the freezer. Freezing temperature -18 ° С.

Further, the shellfish are packaged in boxes of 3-4 kg each, which are installed on trays with ventilation openings to ensure air circulation.

Transportation for export is carried out in special machines, where the temperature and ventilation conditions are observed.

Important! Re-freezing of the product is prohibited.

If all the rules are observed, the product can be stored frozen for three years.

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