The snail business in Ukraine, although young, is developing very rapidly. Enterprising Ukrainians have picked up the European wave of the snail boom and are happy to do a profitable and enjoyable business.

Despite the rapid movement, the global demand for shellfish still significantly exceeds the supply, so there is plenty of room on our fertile soil for organizing a business for growing snails.

If you are thinking about this business, do not hesitate: this type of animal husbandry is simple and safe. Snails are unpretentious, practically do not get sick and, with proper care, bring a rich «harvest».

We hope this article will provide a general understanding of how to equip a snail farm of any size, and dispel any doubts about starting a snail business.


Organization of a snail farm

Perhaps you already know that there are two types of snail farming:HOW TO EQUIPMENT A SNAIL FARM?

  • open;
  • closed.

The first type involves raising animals outdoors. The main advantage here is cheapness. Roughly speaking, all that is needed for this:

  • fenced plot of land planted with edible crops;
  • supplied water;
  • wooden pallets (so that the snails hide in the shade from the heat);
  • aviary for young animals;
  • broodstock;
  • top dressing.

In open areas, only grape snails are grown, which are accustomed to our climate.

Greenhouses (closed type) are a better option, but this “pleasure” is clearly more expensive. It is necessary here:

  • industrial premises with communications;
  • air conditioning equipment;
  • boxes, racks;
  • broodstock;
  • main feed, top dressing.

Both Helix pomatia (grape molluscs) and the popular culinary Helix aspersa (Maxima and Muller) are grown in greenhouses.

Each of these ways of organizing a snail farm can be of a different scale. So, for example, a corral is organized in the courtyard of a private house or plots of tens of hectares are bought out. Greenhouses are equipped in a summer kitchen or shed, or they build a huge production room. The choice of the scale with which you get down to business depends on the following factors:

  • financial opportunities;
  • availability of free time (main income or more part-time work, hobby);
  • confidence in your strength.

The last point is largely determined by awareness of this issue. Despite the simplicity of running a snail business, there are nuances that are important to know in advance. For this, it is recommended to undergo special training, which is organized by experienced farmers.


Educational segment

Ten to fifteen years ago, it was more difficult for newcomers to heliceculture (snail breeding), because valuable information on doing business could only be obtained abroad. Many did so, after which they successfully organized farms in Ukraine and are now ready to share their experience with novice farmers, because there is enough space for everyone.HOW TO EQUIPMENT A SNAIL FARM?

During the training course, future entrepreneurs are told about:

  • features of snail care;
  • how to correctly draw up a business plan;
  • possible problems;
  • optimal feed options;
  • equipment and its correct use.

An integrated approach to helping organize a farm also includes an offer for the purchase of equipment: wooden pallets (pallets), reproduction tables, boxes.

It is impossible to tell absolutely everything, therefore, after graduation, such companies offer business support and consultations, which is very convenient.

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