Snail care is simple and not time-consuming. Moreover, the approaches are the same: to a mollusk that lives with you as a pet, or to a whole broodstock on a snail farm. The basic principles that will keep animals healthy and grow fast are:

compliance with the temperature and humidity regime;

  • balanced nutrition;
  • quality drinking water;
  • purity in shellfish house.

To be clear, let’s take a look at each point separately using home content as an example.


Temperature and humidity

It’s no secret that snails are very fond of moisture. That is why, on the street, during or after the rain, they gladly crawl out to open areas with whole families. But heat and drought are natural enemies of shellfish. In such conditions, gastropods hide in the shade: under foliage, in thickets, under fallen trees and stumps.

At home, it is important to create comfortable conditions for the animal. It is especially difficult to do this during the heating season, when the air is too dry. But, since the owners usually buy a plastic container or an aquarium as a house, the easiest way to moisten the walls from the inside with water from a spray bottle (the more often the better).HOW TO CARE FOR A GRAPE SNAIL?

However, in this matter, it is important not to overdo it, since an environment that is too humid is an ideal place for harmful bacteria to multiply. The best indicator of normal moisture content is soil (not swampy, but moist enough). If you want to be as accurate as possible in this matter, we recommend purchasing a hygrometer (moisture meter) from a pet store and attaching it inside the aquarium.

The optimal indicator is 70-80%!

Now about the temperature. Grape snails do not like heat, but cold, draft is not an option either. In the apartment, it is advisable to adhere to the temperature regime + 21 … + 23 ° С. By the way, these are the numbers that are ideal for humans as well. Climate technology and battery-powered cranes will come to your aid.



Contrary to the opinion that snails can only be fed with vegetables and fruits, we note: for health and active growth, the body of the mollusk (in addition to fiber) should receive:

  • proteins;
  • complex carbohydrates;
  • calcium.

But first, let’s define what is on the list of permitted plant foods. In fact, from vegetables, this is almost everything except onions and garlic (it is also better not to give tomatoes and potatoes). Fruit is also everything except citrus (especially lemon). From greens, snails love lettuce, dill, parsley, dandelion leaves, etc.HOW TO CARE FOR A GRAPE SNAIL?

Protein food — dry gammarus and daphnia. Also, protein is found in complex carbohydrate foods (cereals), seeds and mushrooms. Groats (buckwheat, oatmeal, corn) are brewed in boiling water and allowed to cool, the seeds (raw) are ground in a coffee grinder, the mushrooms are cut into small pieces.

Calcium is the most important micronutrient for molluscs, which is essential for the formation and strengthening of the shell. Its sources are: mineral stone (sold at the pet store), natural chalk, sepia, or crushed eggshells.



If you can spray the walls with filtered water, then only drinking water should be poured into the drinker. True, the drinking bowl often turns into a bathing room, especially during the hot season.

Change the water constantly so that it is always clean.



Remove food and waste products from the aquarium in time. It also needs to be washed regularly so that microorganisms do not multiply there. Renew the soil as it gets dirty.


Using our recommendations, you will receive gratitude from your pet in the form of rapid growth and active behavior. And finally, an important point: snails feel a warm attitude and are happy with bodily contact with the owner. Take your pet in your arms, communicate with him and have mutual pleasure from it.

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