This type of stock raising as heliceculture (snail breeding) has become popular in Ukraine recent years. Shellfish are bred as a food product, as well as for cosmetic and medical purposes.

Favorable Ukrainian soil as if created for the cultivation of these gastropods. Our snails are shipped in large quantities to European countries, where its value the high quality of the product. In addition, Europeans are attracted by an affordable price.

Despite the increase in demand in the domestic market, the Ukrainian consumer is still not ready to accept an exotic delicacy. Those who have tried snails are few. But besides the unusual taste, such meat is very useful. With a high content of easily digestible protein, it contains little fat, a lot of vitamin and amino acids.


Ways to promote

If you decide to start a snail business focused on the domestic market, you need to build a product promotion strategy to grow its demand.

The main method is popularization.

Residents of Ukraine have no concept and knowledge about snails. Over 80% of the population perceive mollusks as amusing, slow, useless creatures. The task is to explain to the consumer the benefits of snail meat. It is also important to tell how many different dishes can be prepared from such an ingredient.HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR SNAIL BUSINESS?

But in addition to the world famous escargot (stuffed shellfish), the product is fried on grill, baked, stewed, added to soups and salads. There are even recipes for pilaf with snails. For culinary imagination there are no boundaries.

Information resources:

  • social networks (Instagram, Facebook);
  • official website on the Internet;
  • advertisements;
  • Live chat with friends and acquaintances.

Reporting information in each post, posting articles on the site, mentioning the benefits of the product in advertising and telling the miraculous properties of meat to friends, you will sow grain in people’s minds. At first, everyone will be simply interested in trying an exotic delicacy, then they will begin to tell their friends about it. So, perhaps soon Ukrainians will have more understanding about such a delicacy.

The main thing to talk about is dosed. Too much information is annoying.

Type of selling product

The best way of tasting is to go to the restaurant where you will be served a finished dish, offer a glass of dry white wine, bring the necessary cutlery. However, not everyone has such an opportunity.HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR SNAIL BUSINESS?

The most affordable option is to cook snails by yourself. But, despite its simplicity, the process takes a lot of time:

  • mollusks must be thoroughly cleaned (including from the inside, after starving for 3-4 days);
  • separate delicate fillet;
  • boil, changing water several times;
  • clean and dry shells (for making escargot).

A profitable option for sale is frozen semi-finished products. In this case, after baking in the oven for 10 minutes, the dish is completely ready for use. Cost is low, earnings are good, and demand is high.

Points of sale

The best way to sell it`s an online store, where you can also post useful information about snails.

You can also conclude contracts for delivery to supermarkets. Passing by a new exotic culinary product, the buyer will be interested and next time decides to try.

Also you should place information about shellfish on the packaging.


With a competent advertising campaign, snail dishes will be in high demand among Ukrainians.

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