The type Helix aspersa, which has received the title Cornu aspersum, is a general name of grape snail, belonging to the type of terrestrial pulmonade gastropods.

HOW LONG DO THE SNAILS HELIX ASPERSA MAXIMA AND HELIX ASPERSA MüLLER LIVE?Garden snail has found its application in cuisine together with the grape akhatina.

In natural conditions it lives from 2 to 5 years. In artificial conditions the life expectancy can be longer.

Representatives of Helix aspersa are found in valleys, mixed forests, shrubs, vineyards, on calcareous and chalky soil.

The main habitats are Western Europe and the Mediterranean coast. These snails adapt well, so they can be found in other continents as well.

Usually shell color is yellow with chestnut-brown spiral stripes, which are interrupted by yellow spots. The shell of garden snails consists of 4-5 turns.

Shellfish are also considered pests of crops. They eat shoots, leaves and fruits of the crop.

The main difference between the two species is size.


Helix aspersa Maxima

The medium shell size of Helix aspersa Maxima is 34-45 mm, its weight is 20-30 gr.

These snails are also known as Gros gris, translated as “ big grey”. This type was selected.

Helix aspersa Maxima are voracious and fertile, but they extract less mucin, than Helix pomatia and Achatina fulica. Huge size of mollusk can be reached for 9-18 months.

There are many ads about the sale of the breed’s stock. These snails are cultivated on farms, as they are very popular in cuisine.


Helix aspersa Müller

Representatives of this type are small. The weight of one snail is only 6-12 grams, and the diameter of the shell is about 25 mm.

They are also called brown garden snails (Petit gris). The mollusks got their name in honor of the scientist who gave their full description.

Helix aspersa Müller is also considered a delicacy. Many gourmets note that their taste is subtler than that of Maxima.HOW LONG DO THE SNAILS HELIX ASPERSA MAXIMA AND HELIX ASPERSA MüLLER LIVE?

Brown garden snails are of great demand in Germany, Italy and Poland.

Many Ukrainian entrepreneurs have already started breeding both species. They offer:

  • breed’s species (sexually mature, able to reproduce);
  • young snails (only babies hatched from eggs);
  • live snails for cooking (they are prepared and artificially introduced into a state of suspended animation, reducing the storage temperature to + 3-5 degrees);
  • snail caviar, which is also highly valued as a delicacy (its taste is very delicate, and the smell slightly resembles forest mushrooms).

Ukrainian companies provide their information support and training in snail business. Shellfish are sold to Europe, as well as to the domestic market and restaurants of European cuisine.

A large territory of land is not necessary for breeding. You can start by placing a mini-farm in the courtyard of a private house.

The best habitat for mollusks is the vineyard. The main thing is that it should be placed in the shade. In this case, a lot of moisture will be collected there, and the snails will feel comfortable.

Gastropods can be fed with corn flour, grape leaves, beets, canola, and herbs

Important! When sailing adult snails, you will be asked questions about their nutrition. It affects nutritional components and taste of meat.

Helix aspersa are not picky, but they can bring good profits.


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