Helix pomatia

Helix pomatia or grape snail

Types of edible snails are numerous. The farm “Snails House” deals with the development and collection of snails of different types. Helix pomatia, or grape snail, is very tasty. “Snails House” has live, frozen and cooked grape snails in its assortment, which are available wholesale. The products are qualified and have passed several stages of cleaning and careful processing. They have specialized packaging for preservation of the freshness during transportation for long distances.

Conditions for cultivation of grape snails

Major countries, where grape snails live are France, Italy, Russia and the United States, although some countries have also these types. Their cultivation is time and effort consuming. Helix pomatia inhabits wooded areas or vineyards, hidden from winds and sea. They live preferably in the places with high humidity and modest temperatures. Due to intolerance of direct sunlight, garden snails hide in the shadows of hedges and bushes.  Helix pomatia become mature at the age of 2 to 4, reaching the size of  50 mm, and the weight up to 20 – 50 g.
Garden snails reproduce in spring, around at the end of May. This time depends on temperature and humidity. The species lays eggs right in the ground and the amount of eggs reaches 40-60 pieces. Snail eggs are gastronomic delicacy, which is greatly valued in many countries. From March till the start of the first cold months, the snails are active, however, since autumn they fall into hibernation, while laying deep in the ground for 30 cm.

What do helix pomatia eat?

Predatory as well as herbivorous species of mollusks, living in all areas of habitat, are frequently met in nature. Helix pomatia are fed with vegetative food (such as leaves, greens, fruits and vegetables), however, some of them prefer animal food. Depending on food, their meat gets certain shades of taste. Therefore, Ancient Greeks and Romans fed them with wine, flour and aromatic herbs.

Grape snails in use

Ancient World used grape snails in food. Nowadays, Europe cooks this delicacy on a large scale. However, people opened snails for the cosmetology means only at the end of the century. Studies of mucus showed that mucin, contained in it, is very useful, so it is extensively used in the making of creams and face masks.

Purchase helix pomatia snails wholesale

The  farm “Snails House” collects and breeds numerous species of edible snails, successfully used in the world cuisine. Snail farm is situated in the natural habitat of snails. our assortment, except live and frozen snails, includes
  • slime,
  • caviar,
  • shells.
You are invited to purchase grape snails for restaurants at our farm. When you buy from us, you will definitely get the highest quality snails. We can transport our products to any country of the world. Love for snails and their dishes spread around the world. Elite restaurants progressively offer dishes from an exclusive shellfish, cooked after the superior recipes of European cuisine. The “Snails House” farm is engaged in collection and breeding of several kinds of edible snails, which are effectively used in culinary of numerous countries.

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