Helix Pomatia Slime

Slime of Helix Pomatia from «Snails House»

The snail farm «Snails House» breeds Helix Pomatia and cooks a wide range of products from them. Our mollusks are grown in favorable and environmentally clean conditions, contributing to creation of the products of exclusive quality. “Snails House” has an assortment of products, which are can be used to create masterpieces of the world culinary. They can also be used as cosmetic products for skin care and body. When making choice in favor of our products, be ready to get high quality food at reasonable price.

The use of snail slime in cosmetology

The slime of shellfish has become to be used in cosmetology. The ground-breaking product impressed customers with its helpful substances, contained in mucin and their amazing effects on skin. We offer snail slime wholesale. This unique product can be used for creation of creams, masks and other cosmetic products to improve face skin and body. Due to suitable and hermetic packages, slime from “Snails House” can be transported for long distances.

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