Helix aspersa muller

The farm «Snails House» is engaged in cultivation and breeding of Helix Aspersa Muller in its own farms, located in the ecologically pristine areas. Our company is ready to offer live, frozen and ready-to-use snails and dishes from them, prepared after the most delicious receipts and with the use of the most valuable ingredients. In addition to snails meat, we are ready o offer you snail pate, caviar and slime of the highest quality at competitive prices.

Mediterranean coast delicacy

Helix Aspersa Muller or grey garden snail was first mentioned in the works of the Dutch natural scientist Otto Fridriech Muller in 1774.  French and Spanish coast of the Mediterranean Sea is a major area of habitation of this type, «petit gris» or grey snail, as it is often called here. In nature, this type can be found and used in all countries, because it has been famous for its edible properties and consumed with fruits and vegetables. It can be adapted for living in different conditions and is able to grow and be cultivated even at 1000 meters above the sea level. These properties make Helix Muller leader in the world. It is cultivated at the farms of Italy, Spain, Brazil and the USA.

Purchase Helix Aspersa Muller wholesale

Aspersa Muller, grown at «Snails House» is famous for its unique taste and delicate smooth texture, so it has gained its fans all over world. Our assortment includes:
  • live,
  • frozen,
  • shells,
  • slime,
  • caviar,
  • escargot.
All the products from list of assortment are available at large bulks and can be delivered to any place of the world in specialized boxes and containers, able to endure ling distances. Helix Aspersa Muller, grown at our farms, reaches the size, corresponding to all commercial requirements during 6-10 months. It can have different size, from 18 to 32 mm, and weight varied from  6 to 10 gr. It lays up to 100 eggs. In addition to the use in culinary, this kind of snails is widely used in cosmetology. Snails slime, mucified from the snails in stressful conditions, is used in production of crèmes and gels. Eggs and caviar are of special value for their taste and usefulness.

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