Helix aspersa maxima

There are many edible types of snails, which have gained huge popularity among the consumers of the world. One of the most favorite and frequently used edible snails is Helix Aspersa Maxima. It is very convenient to cultivate at farms. Our company «Snails House» created favorable and ecologically clean conditions for cultivation of snails; therefore, we are ready to offer you fresh and cooked products from snails all the year round.

Garden snails expansion and types

Helix Aspersa Maxima is a garden snail type, which was cultivated by selection. It grows in the countries with the most suitable climate. Therefore, it is met in Western Europe as well as on the seashore of the Mediterranean Sea. This kind can adapt quickly, so it is widely used in other countries of the world. Large grey or “gros gris”, was cultivated by the French breeders at the end of the previous century. They wanted to infer the species of mollusks with lighter shell, tender meat and short cycle of reproduction and growth, in comparison with Helix pomatia. As a result of work, new type of mullusks has been bred. It has similar features with the snails, cultivated in Burgundy.
  The final product got the name Helix Aspersa Maxima. One of the biggest advantages of this type of snails is the period of cultivation and growth. They reach the required size and weight during 5-7 months, and lay 130-180 eggs. Their weight can reach 40 grams. For instance, Helix Pomatia reaches the size, appropriate for collection and eating during 2-3 years and lays only 40-60 eggs. In addition, gourmets and cooks admit that the meat of “gros gris” is more tender than the meat of the Burgundian snails.

Buy helix aspersa maxima wholesale from «Snails House»

Our mollusks are cultivated in clean and ecologically friendly conditions and product range includes:
  • live,
  • conserved,
  • cooked,
  • frozen
  • a wide assortment of other products from large grey snails.
The snails of Helix Aspersa Maxima type is offered for sale. We grow and gather them manually in our fields.

Helix Aspersa is used in different areas

In search for the new and delicious receipts of snails, cooks discovered that snail caviar is not only tasty, but useful. Helix Aspersa Maxima has become to be used for its production. In addition to its taste and unique properties, it has gained popularity for a composition, containing huge amount of vitamins and microelements useful for human body. Another area, in which large grey snails are used, is the production of mucus, which is used in cosmetology and is widely implemented in beauty salons. In addition, grey snails are used in the process of face massage to smooth wrinkles and reduce the depth of scars.  These are major reasons of popularity of Helix Aspersa Maxima.

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