Frozen snails

Frozen snails of the highest quality from «Snails House»

The company «Snails House» offers you frozen snails wholesale. With their help you can considerably economize on preparation and transportation! Сompany is the largest producer of the ready-to-use mollusks. «Snails House» has a wide assortment of frozen cooked snails, frozen meat and frozen snails with shells. Due to the use of our products, the cooking time of the most complex dish is reduced in several times. The products of company are the best, because we grow process, cook and freeze shellfish ourselves. Each mollusk is grown in the most favorable and environmentally friendly conditions. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. All products are frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees and ready for transportation for long distances. We can deliver a wholesale batch of production to any part of the world.

High quality Frozen snails from «Snails House»

The company «Snails House» is ready to provide you with the frozen snails wholesale. It will help you to economize on preparation, but transportation as well. Our company is the biggest one, dealing with cultivation and delivery of the ready-to-use mollusks to the markets and restaurants of the world. «Snails House» offers a wide range of products: frozen cooked snails, frozen meat and frozen snails with shells. With the help of our offerings, you get a chance to obtain complex dishes at the most convenient time. We guarantee you high quality of our products, because each mollusk is grown ourselves in conditions, which correspond to the world accepted norms and regulations. In addition to quality, our prices are reasonable and conditions of storage are met. Thus, our snails are frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees so are ready to be transported for long distances and to any part of the world.

Frozen snails benefits

The company «Snails House» has placed its farms in the ecologically clean conditions for proper and adequate growth of mollusks, which are grown without the use of pesticides and GMO. The major types, grown at our farm are HELIX POMATIA, HELIX ASPERSA MAXIMA and HELIX ASPERSA MULLER. They are the most popular because of the taste of their meat and huge amount of vitamins and proteins and amino acids, beneficial for human organism. The mollusks are grown till the required size and weights. Then, they are manually collected and cleaned for several times. When the process of cooking has finished, snails’ meat is carefully packed in special boxes.

When buying frozen snails wholesale, one has to consider preservation peculiarities

Temperature requirements (no higher than -18 degrees);
  • product neighborhood (avoid storage with products that absorb odors);
  • Absence of damage of the packaging (poor hermiticity leads to the spoilage).
Taking into account that freezing is a very important method of storage, people freeze all types of products: vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. However, the technology allows freezing ready-to-use and cooked products as well in order t provide buyers and consumers with the opportunity to get dishes, prepared after the most complicated receipts of the world cuisine. The major benefit of such method is that frozen products do not lose their quality and taste. Transportation of frozen products has its benefits as well. It is easy to transport pre-packed meat, because it can withstand long distances upon the conditions of observance of the transportation requirements and temperature. One should remember the benefits of the frozen products transportation. With the help of densely packed boxes, product appearance of each package is preserved. Storage period is another important advantage of freezing. Compared to conserved and marinated products, frozen ones can be stored longer. Thus, it is possible to store frozen snails for 24 months from the date of freezing.

Frozen snails preparation

All you need is just warm up the snails for 15 mins in the oven and enjoy the tastiest dish of French cuisine. The following ingredients are used for preparation: – 500 gr. of blanched shellfish; – 1 glass of dry red wine; – greens (mint, basil, mayoranum); – olive oil; – salt, pepper. Fry mollusks in olive oil and add 1 glass of wine. The received mixture should be covered with a lid and simmered on low heat for 10-15 minutes. When the dish is up to be prepared, few minutes before it is ready, please add finely chopped greens. Cooked snails can be served right in the shells with addition of the remaining sauce. In general, there are dozens of receipts of snails, and «Snails House» can offer you a wide range of frozen, ready and live meat, with the help of which you can cook the most delicious dishes from the world cuisine.

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