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Favorite food of grape snails

Grape snail (Helix pomatia in Latin or escargot) is an herbivorous mollusk. It is picky in food, so it can eat both living vegetation and plant residues. However, it is better to pamper it with fresh leaves from the garden. Especially it prefers cabbage.

Organism structure of grape snail

Escargot has the standard structure of the digestive system. It starts from the mouth, which is located on the head of the snail under the first pair of tentacles. The oral cavity of Helix pomatia is very extensive, containing salivary glands and about 25,000 teeth. Due to this peculiarity of the organism, the snail cannot chew; it tears off pieces of plants and grinds them, like on a grater.

Favorite delicacies

Favorite food of grape snails

In addition to cabbage, escargot prefers grape leaves and wild strawberry leaves. It also likes a plantain, burdock and nettles, eats radish and horseradish. From time to time the mollusk can be fed with fresh fruits and vegetables:

  • bananas;
  • apples;
  • carrots;
  • cucumbers;
  • zucchini;
  • pumpkin.

Bread, soften in water is a special delicacy for Helix pomatia, but it be served only in rare cases.  It is very important to maintain the level of calcium in the body of snail. therefore, mollusks eat the chalky soil. Under cultivation conditions, calcium tablets, meat, fish or eggs in small quantities can be added to the escargot diet for this purpose.

Influence of the diet on the shell and meat of snails

Favorite food of grape snails

The diet of mollusks influences the quality of its meat. The most delicious snail fillet is met in mollusks, fed with fresh plants of various kinds and sometimes treated to delicacies.

The state of shell can help determine whether there are enough nutrients in the ration of the mollusk. The snail shell, which is healthy and receives a maximum of vitamins and minerals, is strong, firm, with a color varied from yellow-brown to brown-white (natural wood color).

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