Equipment for snails farm

The climatic conditions of some countries is perfect for snails cultivation, however, some conditions, such as temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight can affect snails’ health and growth. Mollusks can be protected and provided with optimal conditions with the help of snail farm equipment.

Snail house (pallet)

Snail house is a wooden house, constructed from pallets. They are installed around the farm (field) and have some functions:
  • hide snails from the sun in the daytime;
  • snails may crawl from pallets for food search in the evening and at night
NB! The snail house is shelter, where mollusks can contact with each other. Despite the simplicity, snail house provides mollusks with a sense of security. Moreover, it makes the process of collecting faster and more convenient. The Snails House occupies 600,000 m2. Pallets make the process of snails gathering simpler, as cultivation and gathering becomes faster. Make the order for houses and improve your farm!

Tables for snails reproduction

The tables for reproduction may make the process of cultivation faster and more convenient. They are constructed from the crossing bars to facilitate crawling and helping snails to stay in contact longer. Snails House specialists realize the needs of snails, so they offer you to purchase the equipment to make your business more profitable. The equipment is created on the basis of personal requirements of every particular farm. If you still have question regarding the equipment and factors to consider, when initialing a snail farm, order personal consultation from Snails House specialists. They are happy to share their experience!

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