French escargot

French escargot from «Snails House»

The farm «Snails House» deals with cultivation and breeding of edible snails and prepares ready-to-use dishes from them.  We offer big wholesale bulks of different products, cooked from our snails. In order to cook delicious dishes, we use quality and natural ingredients. Therefore, when you purchase wholesale bulks from us, you have the chance to get high quality products at competitive prices.  All products are packaged in specific boxes for long transportation for different distances. Buy escargot from “Snails House”, cooked after the most delicious recipes of the world cuisine.

Purchase the tastiest escargot wholesale

«Snails House» is situated in the lovely and picturesque territories far from the city and roads. It is surrounded by dense forests, so the snails have perfect conditions for successful development and reproduction. Qualified employees, working at our farm gather and sort the crop and examine each shellfish before sending it to further processing. Our chefs use natural ingredients to prepare “Snails House” escargot, according to the traditional and unique recipes of French cuisine. We are ready to offer you wholesale bulks of escargot, which can save your time from long preparations.

New information about escargots

Escargo is a tasty dish, came from the French cuisine. This dish is right fully regarded the delicacy all around the world, while in some countries it is a national food. The French like helix pomatia grown in Burgundy, so they cook Bourgogne snails “or” Escargots en Bourgogne “. It has become the most favorite dish of all gourmets in the world. For the preparation of “escargot Bourgogne” snail, butter, fresh parsley and garlic are used. This recipe is very simple. The oil is mixed with garlic and herbs. Then lay it slightly on the bottom of the shell, and put a piece of fillet on the top. One more layer of sauce is covered with a shell and baked to make the oil melting. The culture of eating of this dish looks as following. Restaurants usually serve escargot snails in shells in six portions each. They are put in the escargot saucepan and served warm with baguette. It is necessary to serve cutlery, consisting of tongs and a fork with two prongs. The tongs are used for taking a shell, and pulling out the snail meat. This dish can be served with white wine. Grape snails, garden or Helix Aspersa type have become admired in Europe and around the world. In addition, they are used to prepare delicious delicacies. The recipes are various and are used by the cooks all over the world. The French prefer escargots from helix pomatia, the Spain and Italians eat Helix Aspersa Muller and Maxima, while Helix Lucorum are cooked in sauces and with pasta.

Baked escargot with butter and spices

There are numerous recipes of escargot. The recipe for “Burgundy” snails can be different, depending in the different regions of France. Many ingredients of the recipe are also astonishing. Some cooks prepare escargot with gorgonzola and truffles, goat and sheep cheese and other products. For preparation of baked escargot with butter and spices the following ingredients are required:
  • snails– 48 pieces,
  • large salt,
  • butter – 125 gr,
  • hazel-nut – 50 gr,
  • almond powder – 20 gr,
  • sweet wine -10 gr,
  • shallot 4 pieces,
  • milled pepper,
  • bread with hazelnuts – 80 gr.
Clean and cut shallot, and fry it with 25 gr of butter for two minutes. Then add wine and stew them for two minutes more. In a separate bowl, mix the remaining butter with cut hazelnut, pepper, almond powder and hazelnut bread with the crust. Add wine to the shallots to a bowl and mix carefully. Put a piece of shellfish into every shell and cover them with butter. Use the grill mode of the oven. Put the shells on the baking tray, placing the oil on the top and spray with large salt. Bake everything for 10-15 minutes. There are different recipes of escargot, which you can find on our website. It is necessary to remember that snails must be kept of strict diet before cooking, cleaned, washed. When buying our products, just warm them up in the oven and get the ready-to-use dish on your tables!

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