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Equipment for the snail farms

Snails came from the conditions that they find the most appropriate and favorable conditions. Therefore, prior to launching the business of snails farm, I is necessary to read a lot about the habitats of the snails and their preferences, as well as about the required equipment. There are four basic conditions that one has to know prior to initiating the snails business:

  • significance, use, demand.
  • Business plan
  • How to start a farm
  • Breeding and cage for snail helix Pomatia

Relevance, use, demand


The relevance of the business is hard to deny, because people are always striving for the healthy life style, while the snails have all the necessary microelements and minerals. In addition, they are rich in protein and have minimum fat content, cholesterol, while they are rich in a complex of amino acids. This is the treatment of respiratory diseases. The high demand is explained by the popularity of this delicacy, its usefulness, mineral content and lack of competitors.

Business plan

Prior to launching the snails business, it is necessary to carefully study all the peculiarities of this type of business and investigate its concept. The study of the breeding process, organization of the enclosure and choice of the taxation system are very important.

How to start a farm


One of the first actions is finding the territory for the farm. It should depend upon the number of individuals and climate and habitat conditions.The choice may be based on the following dimensions: 1 g per 1 m2 (about 35-40 mollusks), or industrial volumes of 200 pieces per 1m2.Maximum benefit can be obtained in 1.5 years. So, one has to consider that snails fall into anabiosis and can remain in this state for 2-3 months.

Minimum requirements for the initiation of the snail farm:

  • Land with thick flora
  • Cage able to protect from the insects
  • food
  • Breeder’s stock ready for reproduction

Breeding and cage for snail helix Pomatia

Terrestrial gastropods are not fastidious, because they can live under the temperature ranging from 23 to 250 ° C. They are also not freakish in food and prefer eating the greens, fresh vegetables, grapes and currants. They are able to multiply several times a year and lay up to 80 eggs. With the beginning of cold period, they fall into anabiosis and remain in it until the beginning of the warm season. Creation of cage does not require much strengths and materials. It may consist of several bars. Its major requirements are:

  •  reliability
  • security from predators
  • mineral soil (mollusks use minerals from soil to strengthen the shell and lay eggs to the ground)

Availability of the greens, water, air and sunlight

Equipment for the snail farm

Helicyculture is a branch of agriculture that helps producing maximum profits within minimum time period. It studies the ways of production and cultivation of species with the least changes and damages to the environment and species.In order to create snail breeding company, the following equipment is required:


  • premises for the breeder’s stock with the temperature control (3 – 4 м2)
  • premises for the growth of young population (20 m2)
  • pallets or bars for mollusks to move
  • incubators and ditchers for egg laying
  • containers for young snails (20*30*20)
  • cage for young population
  • food with minerals (2 kilos per 40-50 mollusks)
  • vermiculture (the process of the use of earthworms to clean the soil of the products of the life of mollusks)

There are two types of snail breeding farm: hothouse and open type, where snails can and lay eggs. Upon the condition of the stability of the breeding process, the profits can be high.

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