Dishes from snails

People become increasingly interested in the food that contains lower amount of fat and increased amount of useful substances. It proves that people realize that food should be useful.

Dishes from snails

  The meat of snails was proven to contain a huge amount of useful components, so it is very useful. In the company «Snails House» you are free to buy many useful and ecologically clean products.
  • Snail liver
  • Snail pate
  • Escargots
These delicacies are cooked from the ecologically clean components that have been grown up in the clean territories of Ukraine. Professionals take part in the process of growing and take care of the products to be brought clean and tasty.
Snail liveris an very fragile product, containing numerous vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Its taste is tender and extremely delicious. Food gourmets prefer this food, while chefs of the most extraordinary world restaurants prefer cooking snails liver instead of the famous goose liver fua-gras. Taking into account that liver is a natural filter of the human organism, it is necessary to be extremely careful and buy this product only from the reliable suppliers. In this case, Snails House is leading provider of the exquisite and most delicious products, grown by the professionals in the ecologically clean territories. Snails are carefully selects for sale at “Snails House”. The crop is collected by hand, so that not to damage the tender meat of snails. The products are stored in the special boxes with compliance to all the standards and requirements. The workers of our company comply with all technical standards, applied for the farming, preparation, and storage. The products are transported in the special containers, where the value and reliability of the product is carefully preserved. Dishes from snails have an astonishing taste and delicate texture. Our company offers you a wide range of high quality products so that you could prepare only delicious dished.

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