Cooked snails

Cooked snails from «Snails House»

One of the largest farms in Europe, «Snails House» is engaged in development and gathering of Helix Pomatia, Helix Aspersa Maxima and Helix Aspersa Muller types of snails and preparation of flavorful delicacies from them. «Snails House» is ready to offer you to get their products wholesale. Be sure to get high quality goods, transported to any part of the world in special containers, available for long distances.

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The farm «Snails House» is situated far from big cities. Taking into account that our fields are surrounded by forests, they remain wet all the year round.  It is important for normal growth of and development of shellfish. Snail meat is ecologically clean, gentle, and contains many useful ingredients and microelements. We gather the crop manually and send it for further processing and preparation. Choosing ready-to-use products from “Snails House” wholesale, you are guaranteed to get high quality and save time.

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